Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Jonny!

Double digits! Jonny is ten now! Happy birthday!
We celebrated by going to the local pumpkin patch.  It was loads of fun!
Andrew the corn cob.
Dennis, Jonny, and Alex-- my three scarecrows!
Olliepopper is such a great walker now.
Caleb with Grandma and Grandpa
Anastasia waiting in line with William and Sveta to do the Euro Bungy.
William was fearless.  He flipped forward and backward numerous times.
Sveta was pretty good at doing flips too but she got really tired.
Anastasia was a cautious jumper.
William and Andrew had fun racing.
Even Dennis was able to race.
Sveta was an awesome racer.  This was right up her alley.
Paul was all smiles.
It was a hot day.  We were so thirsty and my lips were very chapped.  Still the kids hardly noticed.
Nolan enjoyed going on the bounce houses.  Galina took him many times.
Jonny got to do the Euro Bungy with Caleb as his attendant.  
Oliver loved the animals.  These goats were just his size.

Anna enjoyed the animals too.  I think there is a farm girl inside her.
Grandpa was the popular one with the food.

A few of the kids got to ride the ponies and horses.

A huge batch of homemade butter brownies.  They were so yummy!

If it wasn't for the trick candles, Jonny would have blown out all of his candles.

Happy birthday Jonny!  Hope you had a fantastic day!  We love you so much kiddo!  


  1. Happy birthday!

    How is Adam doing in college?

    Are both Caleb and Rachel seniors this year?

  2. Yah!! Happy Birthday! Looks like you all had such a fantastic time!

    I loved the photo of Sveta on the buggy race car!!! I remember her birthday a while back and hoped she'd get another chance to find something she loved while driving. 😃 I am ear to ear grins seeing them all on the quads. :D

  3. Hi! I also took my children this weekend to the pumpkin farm. They had a blast. My children's favorite activity was the petting zoo. The pumpkin farm sold apple cider and pumpkin sugar cookies. My children liked the pumpkin cookies because they had many different kinds of frosting on each cookie. I won a very large pumpkin in a contest. It was a very blessed day.Pat

  4. Happy Birthday! Nice bow.

  5. Oliver is just too cute! Looking at the picture of him riding the pony made me consider where he would be right now if you hadn't adopted him. My aunt has Down Syndrome, so individuals with this disability hold a special place in my heart.

  6. Happy Birthday to Jonny!! Looks like everyone had a great day!! I'm delighted to see Nolan is feeling better. As always I love looking at photos of your beautiful family :-)

  7. Happy Birthday, Jonny!

    Looks like you guys had a great day!

  8. Looks like a very FUN day! Our local Pumpkin Patches aren't anything like this. Wow!

    Happy Birthday, Jonny!

    Laurel :)

  9. Your family makes my heart smile :)


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