Friday, October 18, 2013


Anastasia has been painting her heart out.

After savoring a pomegranate here and there, we finally harvested them all.
They were very sweet and delicious!
Today we did another group art project.  The cooperation and patience that the kids displayed was better than last.  For some of the kids, it's like they have writer's block but for art.   But with a simple project and a little prompting, their creativity is flowing.
Today's project was with mixed media-- oil pastels and water colors. 


  1. Very nice projects. Are you keeping a portfolio for them? or taking photos and making a digital portfolio? could even take them to the local nursing home for the residents to hang on their walls and have something handmade from a child.

  2. You are such a GREAT Mom!

  3. Hi! Does your charter school have an art contest or in your area do you have art shows that your children can enter their art work ?In Erie there are several art shows that children can enter their projects in. Beautiful art projects.Pat

  4. I always enjoy seeing the art projects your kids make! Do you come up with all these ideas on your own? Or is there a book you can recommend? (This future homeschooling mom needs help in the art department.)

  5. Fantastic.
    looks like a lot of fun went into those painting.
    love it

  6. Your kids are so talented! I love that you are able to nurture that through homeschooling!

  7. I love seeing your kids art! It is wonderful to see how well each of them do! Dennis & William are sure getting tall. I wanted to pass along a little project that I like to do in Sunday School or VBS or at Fall festivals. *** make a thumbprint or fingerprint on a small piece of paper & then have someone draw an animal out of the thumbprint. It makes a nice little keepsake for parents. Write child's name & the year. Hope you find time to do this. Janet


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