Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Nice Weekend

Someone from our church decided to bless John and I with a day out-- all expenses paid.  Just throwing out the idea was very thoughtful, and to have it paid for too-- well that was a huge blessing.  A day out with just the two of us was long overdue, so we said yes and set aside our Saturday.  Actually, the plan was for us to get away for the weekend, but there was just no way we could do that-- but honestly, this was just as nice.
We went up to Oak Glen-- a very touristy area that has apple picking, restaurants, and lots of little vendors and shops.  It was so neat taking our sweet time to look at everything. 

We got some early Christmas shopping done.
We marveled at all of the wonderful trees.
We visited an old school house and knew that we would be bringing our kids back to see it very soon.

After our day in Oak Glen, we drove around and looked at houses.  John knows how much I enjoy doing this, and I was even able to show him the houses I had looked at when we were house hunting almost three years ago.
Afterwards, John and I splurged by going to BJ's and sharing pizza, and a pizookie. 
Thank you so much you know who!
On Sunday we celebrated Anastasia's 15th birthday.  After church we went back up to Oak Glen to show the kids the old school house and play at the park.

The weather couldn't be nicer, and Anastasia's beauty was radiant in the sun. 
Looking at her over three years later, and we are blessed to have such a sweet, tenderhearted, artistic, beautiful daughter.
Happy birthday Anastasia!

Back home, she opened presents.  Believe it or not, but she got boxing gloves and not one-- but two punching bags-- one from us and one from her grandparents.  She also got lots of art supplies-- I can't wait to show you her first painting.
For a change, we had a smore cake.
After we sang happy birthday and she blew out her candles, the smores were devoured.
Later in the evening we stayed up and watched movies.
The next day John took her to Starbucks and then the three of us went to the gym.
Now that she is fifteen, she is allowed in.  :)
What a big girl!
(Now we have 4 fifteen year old daughters with one still to go next month!)


  1. Irving looked over at the last photo of Anastasia and said, "They grow so fast! She's changed so much since she first got there." I didn't even realize he'd been paying attention to the photos when I read your blog. :)

    Happy birthday to your beautiful girl. And congrats on getting out for a weekend, that's great!

  2. Christine, you're lookin' good!!!

    I see that Anastasia has been growing. It looks like she is going to be tall. Which is your tallest girl?

  3. Great pictures! We visited a one room school house last week. The view finder Johnny was holding, Sarah held for the class and read the card about what it was. :)
    They LOVED it!
    Glad you got to have a special time with your sweetheart!
    I haven't even Begun to shoppe for Christmas. :/
    I don't know what has happened! I used to be done by now! LOL

  4. So glad you were blessed with a day for just the two of you. You deserve it! :)

    How have I visited So. CA for years and years and never heard of Oak Glenn? You'll have to tell me where it is, next time we come down.

    Totally Random . . . I had a dream about your family last night. Yep. ALL of your kids took a Road Trip (without you and John), and they ALL came to visit us. It was a GREAT dream. Must mean we would LOVE to have you all come for a visit. :)

    Hope your week is BLESSED!

    Laurel :)

  5. Love that you got away! Great pics. Happy Birthday Anastasia!

  6. You are looking awesome Christine! You certainly deserve to have a day out once in a while with no kids........Looks like you had a great day for Anastasia's (I love that name) birthday. She is such a sweetie for sure and becoming so grown up!

    Marilyn from Canada

  7. Happy Birthday Anastasia! She is such a beautiful girl.

    And I'm so glad you guys got to enjoy a day alone together. What a wonderful gift!

  8. Happy birthday, Anastasia!

    You're already taller than Mom! ;)

  9. Hi! I took my children once to Crawford county where a large Amish population lives and we saw an Amish one room school house. It was very basic to say the least. But the Amish school children looked happy and they were using the same textbooks that my children use. Pat


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