Monday, September 23, 2013

She's Fifteen

Happy birthday to our vibrant, outgoing Anna!
I cannot believe that she is fifteen years old.
Where does the time go?
It seems like just yesterday that she was a very little girl not much bigger than Nolan.
Now she is a young lady who is loving and tenderhearted.
Anna loves to sing, but only in front of a mirror.
She is taking guitar lessons and hopes to move to Tennessee one day and marry a cowboy.
She still prefers fruit over sweets.
Anna can snap gum like no other.
She can tell you anything about Taylor Swift.
She enjoys movie trivia.
She has a very special bond with William.
Anna is fascinated with Percy Jackson.
When she grows up, I can imagine her being a private eye.
We sure love her lots.
Happy happy birthday to an amazing precious daughter!


  1. Happy birthday, Anna!

    All of your kids look radiant, Christine!

  2. Happy Birthday, Anna! I hope your day was BLESSED!

    We sure enjoyed our dinner with you all last month. Thanks so much for welcoming us into your home.

    Laurel :)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Anna..!! Wow, 15!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! We love you!!!

  5. She's beautiful! What a fun girl. I love her dream.

  6. Happy birthday! So crazy how fast they grow up, isn't it?

  7. Happy birthday!

    I've just recently watched the two Percy Jackson movies. Haven't read the books but Jasmine is on book 4.

  8. Happy Birthday Anna! She is all 4 our our girls put together! LOL :)

  9. What a beauty she is becoming! Happy Birthday!
    She will make some cowboy very happy some day, but may need to change her choice of music. :)

  10. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!
    Hannah's hoping for a cowboy too. :)

  11. Happy Birthday, Anna!

    Makes me realize how long I have been reading your blog - since I was 14 myself! (I'm a college kid with hopes to adopt my own crowd of kiddos when I'm older.)

    I hope she had a truly wonderful day and week!

  12. Hi! I think with children time flies by quite fast as they enter their teenage years. I love celebrating birthdays with my children. Happy birthday,Pat


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