Friday, September 6, 2013

Missing Her

I think Oliver gets more hugs and kisses than any other baby on this planet.  He is loved and adored that's for sure.  He had to get three shots a few days ago.  Rather than wait to give him his prize for being a brave boy, the nurse gave him his toy and lollipop before to help him be brave.  He only cried during the shot, and walked out of the office all on his own! 
Oliver wanted to try on sunglasses, so Annalyn obliged.  As you can see, he thought he was so cool!
My kids' latest hobby is burning things with a magnifying glass.   They had a huge log burning just a few minutes ago.  We had to go out and put out the fire with a bucket of water.  You can say that I squelched their fun.
I'm back to trying to feed our family more fruits and veggies.  It is so hard to change eating habits.  Not so much for me, but some of the kids won't budge.  It sure makes it hard.  I am trying to get in shape and lose some weight too.  I'm not even going to blog about it until I have been successful at it for a while. 
I took Jonny to the doctor so his bee sting reaction could be recorded in his health history.  It was the only way I could request an Epi-pen.  The doctor actually prescribed two so we are set to go in case of an emergency.  His foot is still a bit swollen even after a week, but she said it looks ok.
Little Guy has had a rough week.  One night he woke up and couldn't go back to sleep.  It was probably the commotion outside since the dogs woke me up too.  When I went outside at 4:30 in the morning, I couldn't find Dolly our white, little dog anywhere.  She was gone.  Poof.  Vanished into thin air without a trace.  The side gate was shut, and there is no sign of her.  Of course I couldn't go back to sleep.  I looked all over the yard thinking that perhaps she died.  She is not a wanderer and with their little doghouse right next to our backdoor under the patio the dogs are always close by.  Still no trace of her.  Later in the day I went down to the mailbox to see if someone had posted a found poster of Dolly.  Instead I found three lost posters of picture of dogs that all looked like Dolly.  Three small, white, fluffy dogs have also went missing in the last month.
Big sigh. 
The kids searched the neighborhood, but still no trace.
We are all very sad.
Coyotes?  Owls?  Dog nappers?
The saddest thing is that Misty our other dog really misses her. 
Not sure what we are going to do?  Give her to my Aunt who has the small dog that Misty used to live with when my grandfather had the dogs?  Get another bigger size female dog so she won't be lonely?  I just don't know.  For now, we are left wondering, and mourning. 
It is so weird.  When we drive somewhere I can't help but scan the neighborhood hoping to catch a glimpse of her.


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. Keeping my fingers crossed she will turn up soon!

  2. So sorry to hear that! My puppies are very important to me and I would be so upset to loose one. So weird that she just vanished. Praying you find her!

  3. How small was she? Small enough for a hawk to grab? My friend went outside with her Yorkie this morning in Pennsylvania and was sitting in a lawn chair with her on her lap when she noticed 8 hawks circling overhead.:(
    I really hope you find her.

  4. Brave little Oliver!

    I hope your pupy turns up.

    Setting things on fire may some day be a great science fair project!

  5. Sorry about your dog:(. I wanted to mention the book Trim Healthy Mama. It has been wonderful for our family, my sister and many friends.

  6. Hi! My dog "got lost" once .I put up posters in the neighborhood and placed an ad in the newspaper in the lost and found section with an offering for a reward. My dog was returned within one day to my family. I paid the money no questions asked I just wanted my baby back. Good luck,Pat

  7. I am so sorry also. We went for a walk yesterday and there was this huge duck who was injured. Badly. The woman who owned the house said a hawk got to it. We were discussing what to do as the duck was in bad shape,but still alive...the flys didn't care. So i suggested she get a cardboard box and put him in there in a safe place with food and water and let him die in peace.

    The next am on our walk around that pond she asked if i took the duck. I was a bit confused as there was no where i could have stashed the double wide stroller? She said she went to get a box and came back and the duck was gone. She said her guest saw the hawk over the pond in a tree :(

    In this case i explained to my young kids the hawk has to eat too and i guess the duck had an injured wing to start with.

    It is scary as one of my children was only about 5 lbs at birth.We would be on the deck and i always made my hubby promise not to ever out him insay a bouncy seat or pack and play. he stayed so small and i would see the hawks circling and be so afraid for my son!!!!

    Mind you we live in the "burbs" in Michigan. It's odd that it was at night. I see them all day long. Like u said maybe an owl? Wow. I pray you may find her. I am so very sorry!!!!!! I cant imagine


  8. I just heard about dog napping and people selling dogs on ebay and other websites. Please check online for her! That sounds way too suspicious to be a coincidence.

  9. Oliver is getting so so big! And even cuter.

    Cheryl in ID

  10. Dear Christine,
    I agree that she was likely stolen. Try the ebay/craiglist option, and I like the reward idea, if you can tell who she is. Was she chipped? Have any identifying characteristics? So sad! Sherry

  11. That is so sad abut Dolly :-( I am a dog person and would be heart broken if one just disappeared. That little Oliver is just the most adorable baby. How he has thrived in your lovely family. I can tell he is a cuddly one. He sits in what I call a 'Koala sit' (I am from Australia many years ago) and when you look at how a baby koala sits attached to its mother - legs wrapped around and hanging on - that is what little Oliver looks like. Soooooo cute.

    Marilyn from Canada

  12. Hi I've been reading your blog for a wile now & want to tell you that you and your family are very inspiring. I'm writing you, to say how sorry i am about your dog. I work at an animal shelter and wanted to give you some tips that might help you find her. First go to the animal shelters, rescues and pounds in your area and place a lost report with them. Where ever she is, she might have been able to get away then be picked up by someone who brought her there in hopes to be found by her owners. Also i'd put up "lost" flyers anywhere and everywhere that will let you. Perhaps maybe even put a reward. People tend to look a lot harder if there's a reward.

    Hope you find your dog.

  13. I have tons of cookbooks...this one is still my favorite after 15 years. I have yet to try a recipe I don't like.

    Your stew looked sooo tasty!


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