Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Kids

Ha ha.  Now that Adam is in college he can finally use this paper.  Can't you tell how excited he is?
Oliver is so curious nowadays.  He loves to watch us cook.
Sveta keeps cool by drinking lemonade.
Since Annalyn and Galina do most of the watering I surprised them with these new watering cans.  They were good sports about my funny little joke.
I have been encouraging the older kids to do things like play games, read, and work with the younger kids.

Tonight for dinner we made homemade chicken potpies.  Well actually I didn't really do anything except give a few pointers.  Rachel made the pie crust, and Julia with some of the other girls made the filling.  We ran out of chicken gravy so we made up a packet of country gravy and added it to the filling. 
Dinner turned out so yummy that our family ate one whole pie plus a third of the other one.


  1. I am laughing a little. Really? Your kids didn't use college-ruled paper before college? My kids' school say no wide-ruled and ask for college-ruled. :)

  2. We miss all of you very much! Love you! :)

  3. Love collage ruled paper! I don't buy wide ruled notebooks. Don't like them.

    Is it ever quiet at your house? (Just curious, not being snide.)

  4. Love your family! So inspiring!

  5. Oliver is so tall! It's fun to watch the older kids with the little kids.

  6. I love your family. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into the fun you guys have! Also, Oliver is SO big!!! How did that happen so quickly?!

  7. I am wondering, did you serve other things with the pies for dinner? I can't imagine that your large family only ate one whole thing and 1/3 of the other because I feel like my family of 7 would probably eat close to one whole one of these. Do you limit 2nds at your house? We don't here too much, though try to be fair so every one gets some more if they want it. None of our kids are an unhealthy weight either. To be fair we don't do a lot of snacking, so maybe that is a difference, and our kids eat more at meal time. I'm just shocked that your family didn't finish both of those pies off! :)

  8. Hi! Could you share the pot pie receipt? It looks very good.Thanks, Pat

  9. Ha ha I think it is funny how people think Oliver is so tall. There is a stool behind the counter that we use for reaching things. Ha ha but he will be that tall very soon though!!


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