Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Excitement Around Here

The summer is flying by.  I can't believe that in less than two weeks the kids will be back in school.  At least we got most of what we wanted to accomplished in these last few weeks. 
I took Nolan for his follow-up with the ENT.  The ear that had surgery back in June looks completely healed, finally.  I was excited that his next surgery would finally be scheduled and we could this over with.  Imagine my surprise when the ENT said that he actually doesn't need a 2nd surgery after all.  She reviewed his CTscan and taking everything into consideration like he hasn't had an infection in the other ear for quite awhile and his other ear did not end up having a colesteatoma, she said that she doesn't feel the need to operate at this time.  Woo-hooo!  And Nolan can swim now too!  This is wonderful news.  She wants to see Nolan back for a full hearing test with the audiologist but since they are booked till mid-September, I went ahead and scheduled the test with our old ENT.  She is much closer and she can get Nolan in next week.  Depending on the results of that test we will look at hearing aids for him.
Oliver had his one year evaluation by the Regional Center last week.  Wow has he made lots of progress!  He is walking and feeding himself.  He can repeat actions, initiate play, play with toys appropriately, imitate sounds, use two signs in a row, and will engage in play with other kids.  He is socially and emotionally nearly on target for his age.  He tries to brush his hair, he will tolerate me brushing his teeth, and he attempts to put on any pair of shoes that he sees.  He climbs up onto the seat of a tricycle, plays in the sandbox, and enjoys watching Veggie Tales.  The other day we were watching someone sing on tv.  When they were finished you could hear the studio audience applaud.  Oliver clapped too.  It was adorable.
 We are so proud of him.
Rachel and Julia passed their online driver's ed.  Tomorrow they take their written test.  They are both very nervous.  So am I.  In just a few days I might have two new teenage drivers!
Our days have been filled with tetherball, playing Dizios, and watching Christy and Little House on the Prairie.  Adam took 7 of the kids to see Despicable Me 2 yesterday.  They all enjoyed it.
Lastly, John and my 20th anniversary is coming up this December.  After 20 years we have finally planned something big.  Well at least it is big to us.  I am so excited. 


  1. Ha! Like you guys never do anything big!

    So glad the little boys are doing so well!

  2. Sounds like life is good! I'm waiting to hear more about your newest 'little guy' ... will be fun to 'meet' him! I do very much realize though that you will tell what you can, when you feel the time is right, and I very much respect you for that! You guys are so great!

  3. How exciting the advances your sweet boy is making!! Fun days!

  4. 20 years is big! Hoping the plans come together and you two are especially blessed!
    Love the updates, and the pics!


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