Sunday, August 11, 2013

Seven Years

Today marks seven years since our beautiful daughter Annalyn joined our family.   Only eight years old at the time and such a little girl, Annalyn has blossomed over the years.  
In the beginning, and for a long time too, our relationship felt forced almost like we had to try very hard to get to a point where we both could trust each other.  As much as she wondered if I was for real, I wondered if she could get past the pain and rejection and really grow to love her family.
God had a lot of work to do and it wasn't just with our daughter.
Over the years just when I thought we were in a really good place, both of us would go back to our old habits.  It is safe to say we fed off of each others weakness.  She would lie or be sneaky about something and I would back her into a corner with my questioning only to make things worse.
I'm sorry.
Over time we have both come to realize that our relationship is built on a solid and trusting foundation.  We love each other despite our ups and downs.
Nothing will change that.
I like being able to count on that. 
Thick and thin.
Good and bad.
I love this girl something fierce.
She makes me smile. 
She makes me laugh. 
 She makes me proud. 
She makes me learn. 
 She makes me a better Mom.
This girl is smart.
This girl can dance.
This girl knows fashion.
This girl loves Prince Humperdink despite how old he is in real life.
This girl can read four books at one time.
This girl can make you laugh.
This girl can do the grocery cart dance like no one else.
To an amazing seven years.


  1. She is beautiful ......that is so sweet ..... I am sure you have had many ups and downs I bet I can also say that you believe that it was worth every minute ....... I know it has been worth it for us .....

  2. Hi! I can remember when my baby daughter got off the plane from Korea- boy does time fly. I have cherished every moment with her. She is a true gift from God as all my children have been. Continue to enjoy your children,Pat

  3. I think we need video prof of the shopping cart dance. :).

  4. Annalyns is beautiful, and I've really loved reading how much she has blossomed... She is an inspiration !!!

  5. I remember being concerned about Annalyn for sometime, and it has been so good to sense that things are going well with her - and between the two of you. Seeing her in person confirmed that. Happiness and a sense of belonging exuded from her. You have such a blessed family!

  6. Awww. Congratulations !!!!!
    Beautiful post.

  7. She is beautiful! There is no easy way to heal and it's awesome that she is doing great!

  8. She is a glowingly sweet young lady!! Happy (belated) birthday!

  9. I have been trying for quite some time to figure out which of your wonderful children are adopted and at what age. I have figured out about 6.

  10. Has it been that long? I remember first meeting her all those years ago shortly after you brought her in and she was an adorable little girl. Now, she's grown up into a beautiful young woman. And my favorite "hipster" gal that likes cassette tapes and classic rock too! Now we need to get her hooked on vinyl records and reel to reel tapes. LOL.

    Love you Annalyn
    Cousins Matt and Jenn


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