Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Only Seven Days

Seven days till the kids go back to school.  Did you read?  Seven.  Yes I am counting down the days.  I am getting ready and I don't feel an ounce of guilt.  We have had a great and productive summer.  But the kids are getting extra rambunctious now.  They are bored.  Even some of homeschoolers are asking if they can do school work and they don't start until the 26th.
Today I gave 3 haircuts.  After Little Guy watched me give the kids haircuts with the Robo Cut he finally trusted me to give him one.  And guess what?  He loved it!  He keeps asking for another one.  I wish he understood that there isn't much left to cut!
Andrew had his last cavity filled at the dentist yesterday.  The dentist ended up pulling one of his teeth too after she filled a cavity.  Ouch!    At least he and the rest of the kids are good for another six months.
Alex had his yearly check-up at the Spina Bifida clinic.  All is well!  I know I've said this before, but he is in the best health he has ever been. 
This evening I went shopping with five of the kids.  I splurged.  I bought 10 packs of new crayons for fifty cents each.  Even though we already have a huge tub of crayons, most of them are broken and dirty from rubbing each other.  I figured it was high time I break down and get rid of them and replace them with new ones.  Same with the markers and the colored pencils.  I'm not sure who is more excited about this-- me or the kids.
Julia and Galina are going to camp this weekend for a whole week.  They will be watching kids at a family camp while earning community service time and experience.  Both are very excited. 


  1. Use your old crayons for kids projects! I'm not sure if you've seen any of the craft ideas, but pinterest is full of things to do with broken crayons. An easy one is to melt similar colors (good sorting or even a color wheel activity) in muffin tins to make large crayons for little ones.

  2. Google "melted crayon art" - some really fun things you could do with the old crayons.

  3. They will love the camp experience!
    I cracked up about the school schedule. We start school at home in 1 week, and our one daughter who is going to Public High School starts on the 26th! :)

    I love the idea of new markers, pencils,freshly sharpened and new crayons!

  4. Jealous!!! Mine don't start school until September 9th, it feels like forever away!

  5. Instead if throwing away the old crayons, put the broken peices into muffin tins and make new ones. The shape is great for littles working on fine motor skills

  6. I love buying school supplies way more than my kids do. New markers, colored pencils, and notebooks make my day. My husband is kind of weird about office supplies too, we used to go to Staples together when we were dating.
    We like to shred up our old crayons with a pencil sharpener and then put the shavings onto waxed paper. Fold the paper over and iron it with a warm iron to make "stained glass" art.

  7. Hi! I think it is good experience for your daughters to volunteer at family camp to gain community service hours.I was surprised at the number of local high school students in public and private high schools who had to do community service hours as a requirement for highschool graduation.Community service activities teach a sense of service , community and kindness to others who need help.Thanks, Pat

  8. There is nothing better than the smell of a new box of crayons!

  9. New crayons are awesome, but I highly recommend having the kids sort the colors of the broken ones and melting them in muffin tins to make biscuit crayons (perfect for Oliver!).


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