Saturday, August 10, 2013

House Activities

Have you ever wrapped your kids up like a burrito? Like how they swaddled your newborn in the hospital?  This was a fun activity one morning at our house.  Surprisingly all the kids loved it.  With the exception of Oliver who can't talk, they all asked to be wrapped up numerous times.  Doing this calmed them down... especially Oliver.  He was content to go to sleep if we let him, but we didn't, because it wasn't nap time yet.
In just the past few days, Oliver has went from a 30% of the time walker to a more than half the time walker.  We don't even have to bribe him with a marshmallow anymore.  With walking comes climbing and wanting to do everything else that big brothers do.  It is magical to watch.
When Alex is on the stool brushing his teeth, Oliver always climbs up because he knows big brother will patiently let him watch everything that is being done.
Oliver gets a kick out of this.
Too cute for words.
Every time we get out the Oreos for dessert the kids ask me if they could have a whole sleeve for lunch.  After being asked a hundred times, I caved in and said that one day I would allow them to have a whole sleeve as long as they drank big glasses of milk.  I know this is wrong on so many levels so I kept putting it off.  Finally during our last Costco trip, I bought two boxes of cookies and told them that I would finally allow them to have their sleeve of Oreos.  After all, I didn't want to be a liar.   To my surprise not all the kids took a whole sleeve.  They instead opted to have a sandwich first like I fed to the younger boys and settled on 4 or 5 Oreos.
Caleb brought this Swallowtail Butterfly into the house to show us.  It was just chilling on this flower.  Thankfully it flew out when we opened the door.
Caleb threw his girlfriend Taylar a surprise birthday party.  He enlisted the help of Julia to decorate the cake.

Happy birthday Taylar!  We love you!
If Oliver had it his way, John would be in the crib. 


  1. Baby D is exactly the same in our big bed. But I think she would kick us both out for extra spreading room lol

    x x x

  2. That picture of Oliver in the bed is just adorable!

  3. That was sweet of Caleb. You're training your boys right :)

  4. Such wonderful pictures! I love reading about your family. How long until Little Guy's adoption is finalized? I'm eager to learn more about him!

  5. Hi! The birthday cake was a real wow-three levels.Julia did a nice job on it.This week I will be doing some baking with my children,Pat


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