Monday, August 26, 2013

Homeschool has Started

The hummingbirds are lovely to watch.  They know exactly when I fill up the feeder with fresh nectar.  It is gone within three days.
Nolan is doing so well in school.  He can write his name.  To Julia's credit though, she taught him over the summer long before his first day of school.  I talked to the principal and she said that he was pushing on the playground at first, but he is getting better.  I assume it's because he is so much smaller, can't talk, and is a bit overwhelmed with how many kids are out at recess. 
Homeschool officially started today.  It went well.  I think it had everything to do with being so prepared this time around.  Many of the kids are taking online classes this year including Andrew who is taking a writing class.
For kicks I let them each pick out an all about me poster to fill out over the weekend to kick themselves into gear.  I guess it worked!
This year we are doing an art curriculum.  After looking at many, I settled on this and another book.
We celebrated Aunt Tanya's birthday this weekend.  It was very nice.
Here she is opening her cards and presents.  We love her so much!


  1. Hi! I have found it quite helpful to work on school projects and assignments over the summer.By reviewing the previous year's school work it gives my children who are struggling a chance to review and reinforce the skills they were have a hard time with.Good luck, Pat

  2. My kids did the "Bridge Books" over the summer. The twins did the book that bridges 2nd to 3rd. Jasmine had the one that bridges 6th to 7th but found it a bit much for her this summer. They are a bit pricey, but a good summer review.

  3. God bless you!
    Must be a great experience to see all your children learning new things every day.
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