Friday, August 16, 2013

Fresh is Best

Rachel packs the boys' lunches for me the night before.
Today Julia and Galina came home from camp.  They brought home lots of blackberries that they had picked.  Rachel made a homemade pie crust to top the fresh berries.  It was a delicious dessert!
Oliver slept in till almost 9 am this morning.  Just as I checked on him he woke up.  As I changed his diaper he began to have dry heaves.  This poor baby had two episodes of throwing up followed by diarrhea.   Thankfully whatever bug he had was short lived.  By dinner time he was almost back to his old himself.
Julia baked homemade bread for dinner to go with the lasagna.
Adam bought a new IPod with all his own money.  Sniff, sniff.... I wasn't even in the loop until he brought it home.  I guess I have to get used to letting go.
Aunt Tanya brought us tons of peaches.  No joke.  This is the last of them.  We had about 6 times this much to begin with.  Tomorrow I hope to make homemade peach pie ice-cream.
Oliver loves Veggie Tales.  He is one of their biggest fans.  This is his set up in the kitchen when we cook dinner.
Andrew and Jonny are way too physical lately.  Their play always turns to wrestling, or sword fighting, or something else that drives me bonkers.  It's just too loud and someone is always getting hurt.  So I had them sit down and write down fifty fun things they could do around the house.  You know... things like playing Chutes and Ladders with Dennis, or teaching Alex how to tell time, or reading a book to Nolan, or drawing a picture, or cleaning out the car for Mom, or building a huge lego ship.  I had them put their finished list up on the refrigerator to refer to when they try to justify their rough housing.   There are lots of different things they can do that doesn't require them being physical.



  1. I would love an invite to your blog, nothing came through. Thanks. :)

    Catherine Wishart. :)

  2. I would love to be invited too. My invite didn't come through either. My email is

  3. Oh, that last photo is a good one, lol. They do not look impressed! We have a similar issue with wrestling and yelling around here. It gets old very quickly but I love your idea. I'm going to try that, too.

  4. I think some experts believe that it is important for boys to be allowed to be physical. And, I sure remember Dr. Laura talking about that....that's before I had physical boys. Aidan was always such a peace lover; I would never have expected him to be in the army!

    I certainly envy your wealth of fresh fruit! And your wealth of helpful girls, too.

  5. I'm a big Veggie Tale fan because the guys who created it are just so nice. We sat in front of Mike Nawocki (not sure that's spelled right) in July and I mentioned how the year before when Newsboys had been there, Jasmine didn't know the drummer gave out drum sticks at the end so didn't go up hoping to be chosen (and she is a drummer). He told me he knows the drummer and if I'd e-mail him and remind him, he'd ask Duncan to send her drum sticks. And he did! We got them in the mail. I was just so impressed he'd said he'd do that and then he followed through. Veggies is suppose to be on TV in the future and the Christmas vido with Si from Duck Dynasty is coming out soon.

  6. Hi Christine - I've been following your blog for years - ever since we talked about readoption - I'm pretty sure that was for Anna and Sveta. It's too bad we were never able to get together when you still lived in this area. My son, adopted from Ukraine just turned 19. He's going to Fresno Pacific University in the Fall (well in a couple of weeks actually).

    Anyway, I would love an invite to the new blog too.


  7. What else do the kids pack in their lunches? Any creative ideas for packing interesting, healthy, easy school lunches?

  8. Love your idea too. My boys are always running. Wrestling, LOUD. In my mind I imagine girls being so much quieter.

  9. The peaches look beautiful! I found a book by Mas Masumoto (not sure of the spelling on that) about "The Last Peach Farmer", and another, "Epitaph for a Peach" where he talks of the Sun Crest heirloom peaches his family grows on his 2nd generation Japanese American family farm. Made my mouth water. Here the peaches taste like wood and I don't even buy them anymore. Hope they taste as good as they look!


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