Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dodgeball and Grass Eating Games

The evenings are cool. That is one good thing about SoCal.   After dinner we usually all head outside to play.  Tonight's game was dodge ball.
Adam and Julia were on opposite teams.
To me it looked like all the boys were against Julia.  I had to tell Andrew many times to stop being so rough.

Dodge ball turned into wrestling.
And then they began putting grass in each other's mouths.  Then they were shoving grass up each other's noses.  Andrew gave Jonny a bloody nose when his finger went up Jonny's nose and they didn't want me to know because they knew how I would react.

So..... back to dodge ball.
And tetherball.


  1. Hi! What fun all your family is having. My children had a blast this summer playing basketball at the park with each other.Continue having a ball,Pat

  2. I can't help but think how entertaining it would be for an invalid to live in one of the houses adjacent to yours! Who could ever have a more entertaining view from an upstairs window, than that into your back yard!


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