Tuesday, August 20, 2013

About to Kick Off Homeschool

I'm finally getting over my cold.  I think I know exactly where I got it from.  The lady behind the DMV counter was sniffling and rubbing her nose as she handed me papers to sign.  So far only two of the kids seem to have gotten it.   Hopefully they will be better soon too.

I am so proud of one of my older sons.  He went out and bought himself a pair of non name brand shoes.... and actually felt proud of the money he saved.

Caleb and Rachel both got call backs for a seasonal job.  They already work together at a local Italian restaurant so wouldn't it be even cooler if they got this other side job too?

Rachel and Julia are both driving with their permits.  This is the first time that we have two drivers at the same time needing to practice behind the wheel.  Both John and I are taking turns doing this.

Oh, the joys of parenthood. :)

I planted pumpkins a few months back.   One of the pumpkins is huge!  Sadly, the plants are covered in aphids.  The vines have taken over the garden that it seems impossible to do anything this season.  The vines are dying now.  Does anyone know if the pumpkins will last till October if I cut them from the vine?  Next year, I am so waiting till the beginning of July to plant them and from day one I am going to be on aphid lookout.

For those that asked, Little Guy is in a moderate special day class.  There are eight other students, one teacher, and two aides.  The student:teacher ratio seems good to me.  Yesterday Little Guy had an excellent day.  No outrageous behaviors and he was redirected to do something positive each time he needed it.  He came home with the highest color on his behavior sheet and a prize for great behavior!
He was so excited.  Today did not go as well.  He threw his chair again, dumped all the trash out, threw his chair, and pushed another student down.  On a good note, he picked the trash up, apologized immediately to the student, and responded well to being the teacher's helper.  He has kept his clothes on for two days straight too!

Our charter homeschool is constantly changing.  There are so many hoops to jump through that it is overwhelming.  Thankfully we have an awesome teacher who oversees everything.  She is a great encourager to me.  I'm actually ahead of my game as of right now.  I wrote out assignment sheets and lesson plans for the first two weeks.  I have an art curriculum for the year.  I've planned our first fieldtrip to the county fair.   The kids have started doing their schoolwork already which is a good sign.  I'm halfway excited for next week. 

I hope I can do this.


  1. I have no doubt you will do just fine. I am constantly amazed at how organized and on top of things you are. I only have three kids at home, two with DS in a private special school and one I homeschool, and I struggle! I will pray for you as you start your homeschool. The "littles" start in two weeks and my homeschooler will be starting soon (have to see what classes he will be taking at the community college), but they start the 9th and co-op starts the 13th, so our home portion will be some time in there, lol. I think I may be just a little tooooo laid back ;oP

  2. Hi! Good luck on your homeschooling. I have been working all summer on different school projects with my children. My children had many awesome field trips and family events this summer. I am planning many fieldtrips this fall .I really want to go to Winter Green Gorge when the leaves start to turn and have some science lessons there. Good luck, Pat

  3. It sounds busy! It's always nice to have extra driver's for errands when they get their allowance. I am losing one of my driver soon!

  4. I always just homeschooled with an eclectic curriculum, and occasionally (during my busy times of the year) we were mostly unschooling. Did you ever read the book by the Moores, that advocates one third academics, one third useful labor (like a small business)and one third service. I always had that in the back of my mind and think the kids learned as much from helping around the church and being museum docents, etc. as they did from book work. I admire your ability to be that well-planned....but with so many children, I guess it is more critical.

    In any case it is REALLY nice to see that they are doing well in the world and I didn't "ruin" them! Aidan is turning in straight A work in his college classes. :)

  5. So glad little guy is getting positive school experiences! Yeah progress!
    You can do it Christine!(With God's strength of course) Feeling sick makes us doubt everything so much. Praying for health for you and the kids.

  6. I've been there, too, with chair throwing. It is a difficult behavior in an SDC b/c it makes everyone worry about the other kids' safety. My son's SDC had some chairs that were connected to the desk (like are usually used in middle school) to prevent throwing. Could Little Guy's teacher round up one of those desks for him?

  7. we still have a pumpkin and a few gords (spelling?) from last year's halloween, so I think your pumpkin would make it to October... :)

  8. Re Little Guy, have you looked into the possibility of getting him clothes without tags, rough seams, etc. that might irritate him?

    Sounds like he has been really improving. Hang in there!


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