Sunday, July 28, 2013

Outside Fun

This is my new favorite picture. Wow, is our little Oliver growing up!
Come evening time it is nice and cool.  The kids love to play outside.
 Dennis is an excellent bike rider now.  He can't wait till his birthday so he can get his very own bike.

Oliver has so much fun outside that he cries and cries when it is time to go inside.
Baboonya (my Mom) is here too visit for a few days.  It's like a slumber party when she is here.


  1. Hi! Your baby is really growing up.I love seeing him by his toy car.Someday he maybe driving his own car.I hate to think of your insurance bill with so many teen drivers. Keep driving Ollie and growing, Pat

  2. It looks like you're having a great summer.

  3. Oliver is really growing! And his hair is so white blonde!

    We love slumber parties around here.... :)

    And Dennis's bike riding! I remember when you took a picture of his sweet baby feet. :)

  4. Love Oliver's sweet smile and can't believe how grown-up Dennis is looking!

    Sleepovers with Grandma + sisters are the best.


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    1. What id A DD does it hav 2do with A I DS
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  6. Oliver is so big! Too cute. Your Mom looks like fun.


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