Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Oral Surgery Times Two

We got up bright and early.  This morning Caleb and Rachel had an appointment with an oral surgeon to have their wisdom teeth pulled.  Rachel was the first to be done.  In the recovery room she looked so dazed and confused.  I tried to give her a great big hug, but nothing would help.  It took about three hours for her to become herself again.  Caleb on the other hand, was loud in a joking kind of way.  He was making light of the whole situation until he got in the car.  Then he lost it all over the front seat.  Poor guy had a rough time dealing with nausea.  Once home, they parked it on the couch for most of the day.  So glad I get to check this off my summer to-do list.

Dennis probably dreams about riding his bike.  He goes outside first thing in the morning and rides pretty much all day.  The bike he is using is Paul's old one and the chain keeps coming off.  Dennis surprised me when he showed me that he could fix it himself!  Though he is content to have a bike to ride now, he does remind me that his birthday is coming up. This evening Dennis spilt his brow open when he fell.  Thankfully it sounds worse than it is and I was able to use butterfly strips to close it.

I still have a few more doctor and dentist appointments this week to take the kids too.  It will feel nice to have them out of the way by the time school starts. 


  1. I hope Caleb and Julia are doing well today!! Bethany and Cheney had their wisdom teeth out just five days apart, so we just constantly had a Hester on the couch with ice on their face;-)

  2. Hi! When my son had his wisdom teeth pulled he was in a lot of pain. One of his teeth was embedded in his jaw. My daughter had her wisdom teeth out and she was fine. I think it depends on the child and the condition of the wisdom teeth. Good luck, Pat


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