Monday, July 8, 2013

Mostly :)

All the kids are back from spending time with the grandparents.  Jonny is getting over an ear infection from all the swimming he did.  Swimmer's ear seems to just be a part of summer. :(

Dennis showed me his loose tooth.  First he asked me to pull it out.  Then he didn't.  I told him it would be out in a second and he trusted me.  Thankfully it was out in less than a second. :)

Since the tooth fairy forgot to come the first night Dennis couldn't leave it alone under his pillow all day.  He thought he would put it in an empty watering can for safe keeping-- that is until a big brother filled up the watering can to water all the trees.  Dennis was nearly devastated until I told him the tooth fairy would surely understand what happened if he just wrote a note.  After all, it was kind of her fault for not coming to get it the night before. ;)

Every single bedroom in the house has been rearranged.  Under the beds have been vacuumed too.  There is still so much to do! :)

After showing Nolan lots of roly poly bugs and actually having one crawl on him after seeing it crawl on us, he is finally over his bug phobia.  Now he wants to hold them, play with them, hug them, kiss them, put them to sleep, and give them water.  Oh my! :0

Andrew has decided this is the year to wear his hair long.  Last year he wore it super short so this year he is going to let it grow out a few inches. :0

Rachel and Caleb are scheduled to have their wisdom teeth pulled later this month.  I'm still on the fence about this, but every dentist around here mentions having it done as a preventative to having problems later in life. :0

Oliver goes for his two year check-up this week.  He no longer has reflux, he is almost walking on his own on a regular basis, and he can eat things like Goldfish because he chews! :)

This weekend we had a little visitor stay with us for respite.  The little boys had a blast playing with him.  I am so thankful we were able to help out a fellow adoptive family.  It is such a blessing to get to know other adoptive families and if you are open to providing respite please let me know.  The need is great.  If you would like more info on how you can help, please email me. :)


  1. My mom was the fence as well about having my wisdom teeth taken out (she never had hers out and so far is fine). However, we went ahead and had them taken out. It was a simple surgery, easy recovery...and my mouth has been great.

    I have four friends though that didn't have them taken out during their teen years. And within the past two months they have all had to have them taken out due to problems. We are all about 30...and they have been put threw the ringer with their surgeries. Recovery has been rough; and two have abscesses in their gum pockets.

    I am very thankful my mom decided to have mine taken out!

  2. I can't believe Dennis is already losing baby teeth! You just brought him home like yesterday!

  3. My dentist said I didn't need mine out when I was young - they weren't impacted and weren't causing any problems. Fast forward 15 years and one got a cavity (my first) and became abscessed! It was agonizing, and since I was breastfeeding my first I had to have it pulled under local anasthetic only - not fun. I usually don't go in for treatment unless something us absolutely necessary, but in this case, I'd say you're making the right call. (ps - your family is beautiful!)

  4. I have never heard of having wisdom teeth pulled out as a preventative measure. Hmmm ... maybe dentists do things differently in different states.

    In my 20's, I had 4 impacted and infected wisdom teeth. I got them all taken out at once. It was seriously no big deal. I would not have my children's teeth taken out unless there were a problem.

    Sounds like you all are busy, but having fun. I'm hoping for a CA road trip later this summer. I would love to bring the kids to meet your sweet family. I'll keep you posted . . .

    Laurel :)

  5. Please tell me 'goldfish' means something different in America than it does in Australia?!?! Lol!!

    I currently am having mental images of Oliver eating pet fish......but I'm pretty sure that's not what you mean, right? :)

  6. Please explain what respite is? TY

  7. When I was younger, my orthodontist was quite insistent that I needed to have my wisdom teeth removed asap because he said they were impacted and would move my other teeth around, counteracting the work of the braces I had. I visited the oral surgeon at that time and he actually did not recommend removing them right away because they were kind of far down in the jaw (and he would likely have to break some bone to get to them) and were near the facial nerves (risk of paralyzing the face). He recommended waiting a year to allow them time to move more towards the surface (he said that removing them young can sometimes be more painful because they are farther down). However, an x-ray a year later (when I was expecting to have them removed the next day) showed they still hadn't moved so we did a repeat x-ray 1 more year later and then again 3 years later with the same results. The oral surgeon said he couldn't guarantee they would never need to come out but that the risks outweighed the benefits in my case and I appreciated the opinion of someone who gets paid to do the procedure recommending it not be done at the time. That being said it is now over 10 years since the original oral surgeon visit (I have since moved and switched surgeons) and will be having 3 of the 4 (the 4th has a 1 in 10 chance of paralyzing my face because it is still very close to the nerve) removed in less than 2 weeks. It is now the right time for me as at least one of them has moved enough to become partially exposed making it very prone to irritation and I want to have it taken care of before it becomes seriously infected.
    That being said, the same original oral surgeon felt my sisters needed to come out immediately when she was in high school and she had no problems (and she did it without general anesthesia since the IV scared her more than anything). My father had his removed about a year ago and also had no problems other than his daughter (me) accidentally locking him in a warm car while she went to get his prescription filled.
    All in all, it is ultimately up to you but I recommend making sure that the benefits of removing them immediately outweigh the risks. Taking them out before they become a problem is ideal but, as my dentist told me, its at least a good idea to have some form of a relationship with an oral surgeon so that if the need arises suddenly you don't have to waste time searching for one.

  8. We find that putting rubbing alcohol in the kids ears (and in mine) after swimming prevents swimmers ear. Drop enough in the fill the ear canal and wiggle the ear a bit, then drain and do the other ear. We have to do for our labs too. They love to swim!

  9. I love to read your updates about your growing family. It is so neat that you are involved in this. All of our kids got their wisdom teeth out because our Surrey dentist suggested that we get that done for everyone. I didn't know any different, we just took his word for it. Thanks again. I can't wait to hear more!

  10. Goldfish are little cheesy crackers in the shape of fish.

    NO ALCOHOL in the ears if they have tubes!!

    If no tubes then mix white vinegar and water 1:1 and put a few drops on each side after the swim.

    Respite care is when you don't want to give a kid up but you are exhausted and need a break and another family steps in to help take care of the child for a period of time. Sometimes this can help prevent adoption disruption.

  11. Honestly, I think dentists use wisdom teeth as a profit-generating tool within their practices. I'm not denying there are times when it is truly necessary to have wisdom teeth removed - I actually had one of those instances myself when a wisdom tooth was creating a fluid-filled cyst. At the time, I was on my own without dental insurance and opted to only have that tooth removed. Fast-forward about 25 years and, at 42 years old, I still have three of my wisdom teeth and haven't had problems since. I figure if I do, I will cross that bridge when I get there.


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