Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Facing My Phobia Head on

Oliver likes watching Veggie Tales on Julia's tablet.  This is something that he started doing in the last few months.  Another milestone. As I sat with the kids during one of our recent devotionals, one of them remarked how amazing it is to see Oliver do something new.  We probably get more excited than Oliver does.  In addition to using the tablet, he is learning to feed himself, turn on light switches, and try to open doors.  He uses the sign for "more" all the time now.
Nolan is such a charmer.  He can be the sweetest little guy one second and a stinker the next. 
Isn't he cute?
I bought a pack of socks the other day only to find out that one was missing. 
Then we made a cobbler only to realize that we should  have used two pans instead of one because we doubled it.  It took three times as long to bake it and didn't turn out like it should have.
 Then Galina showed me that or tomatoes that were beginning to turn red looked like this on the bottom.  Someone suggested that it is blossom end rot, which sounds about right.  Tomorrow I am crushing a calcium pill and dissolving it in some water.  Maybe this will improve the rest of our crop.  One could hope.
Just when it feels like I am 0 for 3, I went to the dentist today.  THIS IS HUGE!  I haven't been since my last cleaning by our old dentist office which was a year ago.  I had such a traumatic experience back then when I had three crowns and then they told me that the three crowns had to be redone 6 months later. Plus they said I had a new handful of cavities.  I bawled and bawled in that office and left.  We never went back.  I took the kids to a new office which I really like but I was too afraid to go myself.  I kept putting it off until yesterday when Caleb had some fillings done and he said how it was the most pleasant dental experience he had ever had.  They actually did all of his work in one visit which left his visit for today open.  I was talked into getting a cleaning today.  They were so nice and gentle and seemed to really care.  The best part came when they told me that I only have three little cavities!  I don't need three crowns redone like I thought!  I literally cried tears of joy in the dentist chair as Caleb rubbed my feet with reassurance. 
My dental phobia is gone... well at least I took the first step to facing it!
This is such an answered prayer!


  1. I was just talking to Mike today about dentists and redo's of cavities and crowns....
    When we were kids, a filling was a filling. Today, the filling wears out, or now needs a crown.
    we are looking for a new dentist, because our old one is costing us $$$$ and I just don't think it is real!

  2. oh my word, that is really good news at the dentist!

    oliver looks like he is stretching out :) (getting taller if you don't know what I meant by that)

    they grow so fast once they are being fed well!

  3. My husband grows the best tomatoes and we used to have that problem and now he buys a bag of gypsum and puts it in the soil. He said the bag of gypsum is cheap and lasts a long time. Good luck.

  4. Hi! Dental care can be very expensive .I have noticed that children from Eastern Europe who lived in orphanages may not have received good dental care.If these children had lived in America they may have received better dental care.Pat

  5. Water your tomatoes from below, not from above. Next year before planting, crush eggshells and put in the holes . Tomatoes need calcium to be sweet!! Good luck!!

  6. there is so much varience in dentists. The wanted to papoose our son with special needs for a filing. we went elsewhere. He is 7 yrs old and did just fine. He also had been told he needed many cavities filled. The new dentist would watch most of them. Our kids love join to the dentist. even he 2.5 year old. Its time our 15 month old goes...a bit behind on He has a mouthful of teeth. The pediatrician always gives a much older age. The American Pediatric Dentist Association says by a year.

    Our oldest sons(7) birthmother had babies back to back and her nutrition wasn't great and so he has an awful time with cavities. I get frustrated as its not his fault. He ususes a toothbrush with a 2 min blinking timer light. He flosses, he mouth rinses.

    I feel your pain. I use gas during my cleanings now. I was getting too many "zings" while cleaning. They are so kind and gentle it was taking for ever for a cleaning. The gas doesn't make me feel odd. It just numbs the pain which is a good thing:)

    I also have had many many many fillings despite great dental care. I hear ya! This is great news!


  7. Wow! Good for you! Also, how awesome is Caleb for going along and giving you a foot rub for morale support?

    I had two really awful dental experiences and haven't been back to the dentist even though a filling fell out and I have a hollow tooth now. Plus at least one other cavity. Just can't bring myself to do it. So I'm very impressed that you did!

  8. Dentist offices vary a LOT! When we first moved to Michigan I went to a dentist who started YELLING at me, telling me he couldn't BELIEVE I still had my wisdom teeth and he wanted them OUT! NOW! What? They'd never given me a bit of trouble, whereas my husband had his out and has no feeling in his face as a result.

    I was worried that ALL dentists would act the same and it took me a long time to try again, but eventually I did and this dentist couldn't believe it! He said he has his own wisdom teeth and can't imagine just taking them out for no reason. In every other way, too, we love this office. Glad you found a place you can trust!

  9. I hate the dentist too. . .it always seems to be something! But, it is really important to go, and not just for the health of our teeth! Good for you for facing such a huge fear! God Bless!

  10. So glad you found a good dentist now. It's so hard to know who to believe when they say things like that, that's what a second opinion is for, sad we have to do a double check now a days.
    Love watching the progress of your kids (and mom too!)

  11. Proud of you for getting over the Dental phobia !
    I am a retired Dental Assitant and always felt good to be able to reform a former phobic patient/
    Great for your children too !
    Keep up the good work.
    God Bless

  12. There is a big difference between dentists! We have found that out the hard way. Crowns should last at least five years. Even if you need a root canal, they can usually do it through the crown. If the crowns need replaced, they did something very wrong.

  13. Hi! I had the same problem with my tomatoes too last year. 1. It usually affects the first crop the worst and 2. you can buy something called "Rot Stop" or something like that - you spray it directly on the plants and it clears it right up. A friend gave it to me last year and it worked wonders. Hope that helps!
    ~ Abbie

  14. Hey blogging friend…I nominated you for this award because I love your blog. I think it is just a way of spreading good blogs around. So thanks for writing!

  15. You can mulch your tomatoe plants with egg shells, they will help with blossom end rot.


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