Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1, 2, 3 Follow Me

Oliver snuggles with Daddy are the best!
Dennis never ceases to amaze me!  He saw how much Oliver wanted to ride a bike so he took him cruising.  Oliver could have went round and round and round and round.
The hummingbirds love our feeder.  It is so calming to watch them.  At one point we had eight hummingbirds hovering around the sugar water feeder.
Our garden is doing great!  Even snakes loves it!  Caleb sttartled one into the pomegranate tree and then up into the little hill we have at the back of our property.  Caleb tried to catch it and in the process stepped on a bee.  Thankfully the puncture wasn't deep and I took it our immediately. 
Aren't the Zinnias gorgeous?

One, two, three.  Follow me.

And down the slide they go.

Alex cheered them on.
Today Alex had a kidney ultrasound.  All looks good!


  1. Love that picture of Oliver and Dennis, the last one of Alex is cute too!

  2. Love those zinnias! Are you cutting a few and placing thm in small bouquets around the house?

  3. Your pictures made me smile today, especially the one of Dennis and Oliver. :)

    I have zinnias too! A whole row of them down by the vegetable garden. Maybe I should cut a few for inside where I can actually enjoys them.

  4. Loved the pics of your sweet kiddos!

  5. The garden looks great and the zinnias so pretty! (neat to see your little boys growing up too!)

  6. Hi!This year I bought big planters and filled them with flowers. I used very bright plants that had purple flowers in them, When in bloom they look beautiful.Enjoy your flowers,Pat


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