Sunday, July 28, 2013

Outside Fun

This is my new favorite picture. Wow, is our little Oliver growing up!
Come evening time it is nice and cool.  The kids love to play outside.
 Dennis is an excellent bike rider now.  He can't wait till his birthday so he can get his very own bike.

Oliver has so much fun outside that he cries and cries when it is time to go inside.
Baboonya (my Mom) is here too visit for a few days.  It's like a slumber party when she is here.

An Awesome Beach Trip

Yesterday John and I took ten of the kids to the beach.   The three older ones had to work, and the five youngest had play dates with friends of ours from church.   
We  went to Oceanside for the whole day.  It was wonderful.
We walked on the pier.  We watched someone get surf lessons.  We saw a shovelhead shark that someone had caught.
We walked up and down the beach.
We ate the best homemade ice-cream.
Then I made everyone put on lots of sun screen.
The weather was awesome.  The water was perfect.

Digging in the sand was really fun until the tide came in.
All the kids enjoyed boogie boarding, but I am pretty sure they all had wipeouts.

The kids must have ran away from a thousand waves. 
Just chilling on the beach.
Building sand castles.

Building sand dolphins.
It was fun walking around the marina.
I was the first to spot these sea lions.

John and the kids had fun catching crabs.
We ate at Joe's Crab Shack for dinner.
What a wonderful way to end a wonderful day!

Monday, July 22, 2013

This Past Week

Oliver loves to be outside.
One night we made homemade pizza for dinner.

Oliver loves to climb up on chairs now.
John's oldest brother and his family have been here visiting.

The kids have played lots of Wii.
There have also beena few rounds of pinochle.
There has been lots of lounging around too.

Look-- I can stand all by myself Mom!
What a handsome young man William is growing up to be.
Kid pile!
On a hot day I had the younger boys go outside and wash their bikes.  They had lots of fun!
They were no longer hot or bored!
A large bucket of water also provided cool water fun!
Anastasia is such a sweetheart.  She will sit with the boys and patiently play Sequence with them.
Nolan had another post-op visit with the ENT.  His ear is draining again so his next surgery was postponed.  He is now on a new antibiotic eardrop to clear it up.  We'll go back to the doctor in two weeks.  Hopefully his ear will be clear so his next surgery can be scheduled.
 P.S.  When I have the time and the right words, I would like to share about a certain little someone.