Sunday, June 16, 2013

What a Great Father!

Happy Father's Day!
We are so blessed to have such a wonderful man leading our family.
He is a great father and husband.
He is a wonderful example.
He is an awesome teacher.
He is giving, loving, and other oriented.
We don't know what we would do without him.
The kids gave him their gifts in the morning.
Including breakfast in bed.
For dinner we barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs.
John is an awesome barbecuer!
We enjoyed our simple and relaxing day at home.
Thank you Lord for blessing us with such an awesome husband and father!


  1. Hi! My family had a low key family oriented Father's Day at home.I want to wish all the Fathers(adoptive and birth) and their families a Happy Father's Day. Pat

  2. If anyone ever wrote a story on "Dad's Making a Difference", he would be right up there at the top!

    Happy Father's Day, John!

  3. <3. Still read your blog all the time, just haven't commented in a while. Love your family, thanks for your example. We had a very similar Father's Day. You are so blessed!


  4. Happy Father's Day to an amazing father !
    This is not related to this article but I would like to have your opinion on the following particular topic, Christine. I am currently studying psychology & sociology at university. I don't agree with all psychological theories (actually I am much more interested in Sociology) and this one particularly made me reflective (I hope it is the right translation). I read in some psychology books that neglect and trauma during early childhood had an impatc on kids during all their lives an that most of them can't love and bond and overall have "healthy relationships" after that. I don't think the first part of the sentence is wrong - trauma and neglect can't be completely erased even if they can be healed - but I don't really agree with second part, especially after reading stories like Annalyn's, Rachel's, Anastasia and Paul's or Galina's, for example. What do you think about it ? Do you think it depends on the child ? On the parents ? On other things ?
    I am sorry for this long comment, but you seemed the one who could maybe give another point of view, not as "bad" as the books give :)
    I hope you are having a great summer !
    - Elizabeth


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