Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nolan is Recovering Nicely

The surgery went well.  I am so pleased with how well the staff took care of our little boy.  Actually I am beyond impressed by how comfortable they made Nolan feel.  The anesthesiologist asked about his past experiences and promised me that she would try everything to keep Nolan from having any dry heaves.  She made good on her promise by giving him a cocktail of three anti-nausea meds before the surgery and right after.  It worked like a charm.  Another awesome thing is that his post-op nurse called me back before he woke up.  She let him sleep until he was ready to wake up on his home and the first person he saw was me, so he never cried.  And he woke up naturally without his sats ever dropping below 93.  It was so nice to see his groggy smile so quickly.
The icing on the cake was the good news I got from the doctor.  She said that Nolan didn't actually end up having a Cholesteatoma in his left ear.  What she had seen on the CTscan turned out to be built up layers of infection that was collecting moisture.  She carefully cleaned everything out as you can see in the photos.
Still he will need to have his ears cleaned out twice a year and will probably need hearing aids but at least there was less damage to his ear than there could have been.
I am hopeful that she will find his right ear to be the same.

Earlier this week I took Jonathan to the dentist to have his two front teeth fixed.  Since we had the pieces of his chipped off teeth the dentist bonded them back on.  Two hours later he was good to go.
We harvested all of the peaches off our tree at one time since ants and birds kept eating them.  THey were good while they lasted.


  1. Bethany, my oldest daughter, had surgery for a Cholesteatoma when she was about three. It was in her left ear too and was likely the cause of her chronic ear infections as a baby. They said it was congenital. She got it from my husband's father. Wasn't it nice of him to share? :)

  2. Nolan is such a cutie pie. When you post pictures of all your kiddos, I always look for him, because of that cute little face.

    I'm glad there was no choleastoma. Boy, I sure could have done without those surgery pictures though, LoL.

    Maybe a little warning next time ...

  3. So happy for Noland and glad for Jonny too! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Glad it went so well. It can be traumatic for the kids and us as well!

  5. Glad to read that you had a great surgery outcome. Hopefully the same will happen for his other ear.

  6. Hi! I love your peach harvest. The peaches looked really nice and juicy. This weekend we will go to the farm and get some strawberries.Pat

  7. Good news about Nolan's left ear, hope surgery on the right one goes just as well!


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