Saturday, June 1, 2013

Good Stuff

You know my Mom's over when you see all of this homemade delicious bread.   She has been baking up a storm with the kids.  Anna picked out homemade hamburger buns.
Today my Mom and a few of the girls made Danish pastry.

Everyone thinks they are wonderful!
Today us girls went to a friend's baby shower.  We didn't win any of the games, but we had fun trying.  One of the games was earning points for having certain things in your purse.  They asked about things like lipstick, a hairbrush, a checkbook, and perfume.  If only they would have asked about shot records, catheters, baby wipes, and Costco ads-- then I would have won!  Going to the shower was a neat experience for the girls since it was their first.
Later in the day, John took a bunch of the kids swimming.  It was at least 104 degrees here today.
I spent some time in the garden.  It is growing like crazy!
Jonny, Paul, and Andrew played this basketball game tonight.  Not sure any baskets were actually made, but they had fun trying.

Oliver is knocking our socks off with all the things he is learning to do.  It is so bittersweet.  On one hand he is the sweetest baby in the whole wide world who still loves to cuddle which we all love, but on the other hand he is growing by leaps and bounds and entertaining us with all the new things he can do.  We love to see him thriving but as he grows he is losing a little bit of his babyness each day.
All I can say is-- Olliver don't grow up too fast!
Dennis, Alex, and Nolan still love Legos.  They play with them through out the day.  They sleep with the little men.  They pack them in their backpack for show and tell.  Nolan even holds onto one when he goes to the bathroom.
William loves Oliver so much.  But he will only sort of admit it. :)
Annalyn can be such a ham for the camera!
 Here is Caleb getting help from Adam as he studied for his SATs.  He took them bright and early this morning.
 Adam is officially done with high school.  He graduates this coming week.  Last week at an awards ceremony he received another scholarship and summa cum laude as the top 2% of his class.  He has already began working.  He will work through the summer and then start college in September.
We are so proud!


  1. Hi! You must be so proud of your son.I was very proud when my daughter received her college scholarships.She likes to learn so was alway a good student.Good luck and continue to receive your blessings from God,Pat

  2. Your family is growing up so fast! Congrats to Adam on graduating and doing so well. That's awesome and really ought to put the naysayers to rest on whether you can raise your kids properly or not. ;)

    Oliver is too cute. I just want to hug him and I have my own snuggly babe here. He looks like he's about ready to take off running soon!

  3. Awesome pictures! Contratulations, Adam :)

  4. O. looks great! So healthy.

    The danish look amazing. Yum.

    My Adam graduated on Wed. Pics are on my blog and fb. I posted a video of him getting his diploma. Always the need for attention--he stopped and danced on stage!!

  5. You have a wonderful family and the bread and Danish looks so good would you post the recipe please

  6. Congratulations to your wonderful Adam! He is such a good example to his siblings.

    I do wish I'd happened in on the Danish pastry day! I was just thinking the other day that I might try to learn to make them.

  7. Adam has achieved quite an accomplishment! I can "see" the proud moma smile! Congrats, Adam!

  8. Dear Christine,
    I love your picture posts the best!! What a beautiful bunch you have.
    The bread baking with G-ma is extraordinary. I personally know of people who make this own bread, but not a skilled adult who takes time to do this with kids. Hats off to G-ma! On a similar note, I read a while back that there are a lot of unhealthy additives in some store purchased bread, so you are avoiding all that too. Win-win.
    I would love to hear you write about how much stuff a kid 'needs'.
    Great post.

  9. Everyone is growing up so fast! Why do kids do that is what I want to know? Adam has done so well - you must be very proud and he is such a good roll model for his siblings.

    On another note - I hope you are nowhere near any of those awful fires I have been seeing on the telly. Mother Nature seems very unhappy lately - just shocking weather across the USA.

    Marilyn from Canada :-)


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