Sunday, June 23, 2013

Celebrating Two Birthdays!

This weekend we celebrated both John and Oliver's birthday-- two of my favorite people in the whole wide world!
Here is a picture of my big guy getting my little guy ready to go swimming.
Oliver loved the water, but it was cold for him.  Since there is nothing that Oliver really needs, we got him this splash pad and a bubble blowing machine.  We also got a blow up swimming pool for the older kids to play inso they wouldn't crowd Oliver and scare him. 
I'm not sure what Oliver enjoyed more-- splashing around or watching his older siblings splash.

Oliver was soooooooooo excited when he realized that one of the cakes was for him.  Trust me, that face was one of sheer excitement and it was so adorable!

Alex with Jonny and Anastasia

John with Andrew and Jonny
Aunt Tanya with Sveta
Caleb with Taylar and her family
Julia and Galina
Annalyn and Grandma
Annalyn with Taylar and Baboonya
Happy Birthday to John and Oliver. 
The house seems so empty.  Six of the kids are gone.  Some are up at Grandma and Grandpa's house and some are with my Mom and Aunt.  To finish off John's birthday we went to see Monster's University after church.  It was great!


  1. Hi! I love the idea of a splash pad. That seems like a lot of fun .I did not get a small pool this year for my children. I did get one for our English bulldog.She loves it.I live in Erie PA so I live close to Lake Erie so this year we have been going to the Lake for swimming.Pat

  2. Happy birthday to both! May they have a year filled with blessings.

  3. I bet Monnie would love that splash pad! Looks like fun to me. I never knew there was such a thing.

    Your family is so beautiful, and the photo of Oliver and the cake is amazing.

    Do you have a month without a birthday?

  4. That looks like a lot of fun! Are you doing anything for the Fourth of July?

  5. Happy birthday to your guys! The look on Oliver's face is just priceless! He is really looking so grown up already. Not much baby left in that sweet face.

  6. You certainly have a huge, challenging yet happy family. I really admire you as a couple for being the source of light, happiness and love of these wonderful and gifted children. I’m sure God has planned all these so that you may live up to your purpose and shed light and love. Keep it up. God bless!


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