Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Breakfast Time

Summertime is nice.   More laid back, that's for sure.   We have been waking up around 8, at least most of us have.  Of course the youngest four boys wake up around 6:30, but I can get them to play fairly quietly in their room with me checking up on them every 20 or so minutes.  Or sometimes one of the girls will get up around 7 and take the boys in the loft to play Legos.  Or I can get Nolan or Oliver and put them in bed with me and they will go back to sleep for a little while.  Hey-- it works.
For breakfast, I declared that we will eat around 8:30 and since I have more time in the morning, I am making things instead of just serving cereal.  The kids enjoyed waking up to blueberry muffins and hot chocolate one morning, and French toast the second.

Oliver is slowly learning to feed himself.
It takes a lot of patience and time on everyone's part.

But, he's getting it. Slowly but surely.
Meal time is mostly a pleasant experience.  I say mostly because there is a certain little boy who likes to cause mischief at the dinner table.  One day he saw that his brother had some ranch dressing on his face so he dipped his finger in his dressing and fingerpainted on his face.  Another day he encouraged a brother to put his mouth on the open barbecue bottle.  Thankfully this particular morning, he only forgot to wash his sticky hands before touching toys.


  1. Hi! I am glad that Oliver is enjoying more foods that have texture and is getting more independent. Good job!Pat

  2. You should check out my blog for my Baked Oatmeal recipe (just "search" the blog). It is a wonderful meal for a crowd, and I bet your kids would love it!

    Laurel :)


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