Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Very Special Birthday!

We had much to celebrate yesterday. A special girl named Sveta turned 16!  What a beautiful young lady she is growing up to be.  We are so blessed!
For her special day we went to a trampoline park.  It was so much fun!
Everyone had fun bouncing, jumping, and flipping!

Sveta was so energetic the whole time she made me tired just watching her.
William was in heaven!
Dennis really enjoyed himself too.  In fact there was not one sad face the whole time except for Jonathan when he was getting his face pounded while playing dodge ball.

John got this picture of me shortly after I was retrieved from the blue foam pit.  Wow-- what a workout!
At least I wasn't the only one that needed help.
I was so impressed how John kept up with the kids.  That's my man!

After an hour, Oliver was pooped.  The other kids continued on for another hour and a half.
After eating at In and Out for lunch, we indulged ourselves with Chinese food for dinner followed by cake, ice cream, and presents.

Sveta is so easy to please, it is such a pleasure giving her gifts.
Taylar and Caleb got her a Kohl's gift card.
Baboonya and Aunt Tanya celebrated with us.

Paula, the kids' friend also joined us in Sveta's celebration. 
Happy birthday our sweet daughter Sveta!  Thank you for being such an amazing blessing to all of us!


  1. You have such a beautiful blended family. It's as if heaven rained blessing all over you! :)


  2. Happy birthday, Sveta! (you, too, Christine! ;) )

    Looks like a lot of fun was had, there are some pretty happy faces there. In that last photo, John and Anastasia have the same grin.

  3. Happy birthday Sveta ! You seem to be a wonderful young lady, inside and out !! I suppose you had a fantastic day :)
    All these pictures a beautiful Christine, and I must add that Anastasia is shining, the picture of John and her is absolutely priceless !

  4. Christine, that is such a pretty picture of you! That looks like a very fun place! Happy birthday to the birthday girl! Wow! 16!!

  5. This is a total random question but where did you get your couch? We are looking for one that can hold up to lots of kids,
    Thanks, Jenny Goff

  6. Wow. That's an awesome place. Wish we had one! Lots like fun for all ages.

  7. Hi! The park looked like a blast. In this area we have nothing like that. Oh what fun!We do have an amusement park and a water park in Erie.Keep having fun, Pat


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