Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Nice Birthday

You'd never guess by this picture that I was turning 38.   I think I look like a little kid with big ol' cheeks.  In my defense, I was exaggerating blowing out my candles to entertain and show Oliver what he will be doing later this month.
Galina has been so helpful these last few days.  It has been a huge blessing.
John and the kids surprised me with a surprise party with a few of our friends from our small group.  He told me to cancel our regular small group for today when behind my back he was telling everyone that it was still on.
Alex, Dennis, and Nolan wrote me nice birthday cards.  They gave me presents too!  I think it was just coincidence that all the stuff they gave me was the same stuff in the giveaway pile.
I  got a nice Minnie Mouse mug from the Medranos.
I'm not sure anyone else does this, but I went out and bought myself this dress on my hubby's behalf when I was out shopping for school clothes for the fall.
He was very thoughtful in getting me the navigation system I was wanting for a trip with the kids later this summer.  :)
Here's a picture with four of my daughters who each made my day special in their own way.
This evening Jonny was outside playing with Andrew.  He tripped and chipped two of his teeth.  Anna later found the pieces on the cement.  Pour Jonny has a puffy chin that bore the brunt of his fall.  Despite the need for an unexpected trip to the dentist in the morning, we are thankful that this accident wasn't worse.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! You look so pretty in your new dress. Your husband has great taste!! ;)

    Poor Jonny! I hope they are able to repair his teeth.

  2. Happy birthday. Hope it is just the start of a wonderful year.

  3. You are beautiful! And so are all your girls - your whole family.

    Yes; I sometimes go get my own birthday present! It is more fun for everyone! My mom and dad did the same thing.

  4. Your kiddos are growing up soo much - blessings are truly abounding in your home. Happy Birthday late.

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope your day was BLESSED!


    Laurel :)

  6. Hi! I love your birthday dress it looks really nice on you. Happy Birthday! Pat


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