Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Job Well Done

We have some 8th grade graduates in the house!   Galina and Anastasia both finished this May.  We are very proud of their hard work this year.
To celebrate, John and I took them out for dinner and dessert.

It was a very nice evening.  Anastasia was very quiet as usual, so John began asking questions. 
What did you do when you got up?
What did you eat for breakfast?
What did you do all day?
What was your favorite thing that you did?
What are you top 3 favorite songs?
Are they on your MP3 player?
Can we listen to them in the car?
After dinner we went out for frozen yogurt.  Only Anastasia got gummy frogs.  Cold gummy frogs are really hard to chew so Anastasia didn't want her last one.  John joked by telling her to throw it in the water fountain since frogs like water.  So happy to report that she doesn't take us so literally anymore.
Galina and Anastasia are such amazing daughters, big sisters, and beautiful young ladies.  We feel incredibly blessed to watch them grow up.
P.S.  Anastasia has made lots of progress this year in school.  However, since she has only been in the U.S. for three years, she is not at grade level yet.  For high school there is a set curriculum and in order to give her the best foundation for those years we will have her repeat the 8th grade.  This will allow her to continue to fill in the gaps and get a better understanding of the English language.  We are still very proud of her for all that she has accomplished and look forward to celebrating her finishing the 8th grade again next year! 


  1. Way to go Galina and Anastasia! We're so proud of you both!

  2. Congrats to the girls!

    WHere I come from, many schools offer a foundation year in high school, formerly referred to as the zero year. It's usually language for bilingual studies, or some specific subjects. Basically what A. will be doing.

  3. Beautiful! Your girls really are extraordinary.

  4. Hi! My son went to highschool for an additional year. It was the best thing for him.It will aid him if he ever wants to go to college in the future. He has a more solid fountain for future advanced learning. Pat


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