Sunday, June 30, 2013

If Only She Had Asked

My daughter unloads a dirty dishwasher full of dishes into the cupboards .  If only she had asked.

My daughter eats something that was meant for someone else.  If only she had asked.

My daughter turns off the light that indicates the dishwasher is clean so it gets washed twice.  If only she had asked.

My daughter tries to unclog the toilet by herself.  If only she had asked.

My daughter dices the tomatoes for sandwiches instead of slices.  If only she had asked.

My daughter gets rid of three pairs of shoes that could have gone to another sister.  If only she had asked.

My daughter accidentally erases all of the songs off her MP3 player.  If only she had asked.

Now please understand that these are not big deals in the grand scheme of things.  They certainly make things a little inconvenient, but nothing I haven't dealt with as a parent in the past.  What makes them a problem is that my daughter is not letting me be her Mom.  She is not allowing herself to be taught.  My daughter would rather do something wrong than ask for help. And not just my help but anyone's help.   Then watch out when I try to correct and teach her.  It ends up the same way.  She chews nails for the next hour because she took it way too personally.

I explain to her that it is normal for her to not know how to do everything.   It's okay.  I tell her that I had to ask my Mom lots of things growing up and still do.  She has only been in America for a few years.  She has only had the opportunity to do these things since she has been my daughter.   She is learning everything at a much older age so she has three times as much to learn in order to catch up to her sisters.   She shouldn't beat herself up for not knowing how to do certain things yet.  I told her how I want to help her, teach her..... be her Mom.  I know that once she learns, she will be able to do it right without asking.  I am certain of it.  I remind her that if would just ask she would avoid doing it wrong and getting upset when I correct her.

I think she is beginning to realize that asking for help is better than not asking for help.  Finally.   It took many talks, but I do think I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Now we are moving on to getting her to think ahead.  We have canned and dry food for the dogs.   Since she feeds the dogs she knows when their food is getting low.  We ran out of wet food about a week ago and I found out only because I asked.  I used this time to teach her to tell me when there is only one or two cans left so I can get more before the dogs run out.   I was so pleased when she seemed to get what I was saying. 

I am hopeful. :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Enjoying Summer

Here is a late birthday present-- from my friend Debbie.   It is such a treat!  Rachel thinks so too!
We are finally getting cucumbers from our garden... and they are delicious!
I walked into the bedroom and saw this.  I thought it was too cute not to share.  Nolan put the little potty in the crib and Oliver sat on it.  At least he didn't take off his diaper!
The summer is flying by.  I can't believe the end of June is almost here.   We have been watching Little House on the Prairie almost everyday.  It is such a wonderful show.  Nolan is learning to write his name-- the right way.  Until now he was forming most of the letters wrong and was writing from right to left.  By the time summer is over I think he will be writing his name!  And hopefully he will know at least five colors too.  Alex and Dennis are working on spelling, writing, math, and reading.  They are doing quite well. I've rediscovered the joy of playing Chutes and Ladders with them.  It is one of the few kids games that I can actually tolerate.   Rachel has a new job, where Caleb works, and I am so thankful.  It is much closer to home.  Tomorrow Nolan goes for his post-op appt. on his ear.  I hope that she sees how well he is doing and goes ahead and schedules his next surgery soon.  It would be nice to have it out of the way before school starts.  We saw Monster's University last weekend.  It was a real treat.  Oliver slept through it as long as I covered his ears.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Celebrating Two Birthdays!

This weekend we celebrated both John and Oliver's birthday-- two of my favorite people in the whole wide world!
Here is a picture of my big guy getting my little guy ready to go swimming.
Oliver loved the water, but it was cold for him.  Since there is nothing that Oliver really needs, we got him this splash pad and a bubble blowing machine.  We also got a blow up swimming pool for the older kids to play inso they wouldn't crowd Oliver and scare him. 
I'm not sure what Oliver enjoyed more-- splashing around or watching his older siblings splash.

Oliver was soooooooooo excited when he realized that one of the cakes was for him.  Trust me, that face was one of sheer excitement and it was so adorable!

Alex with Jonny and Anastasia

John with Andrew and Jonny
Aunt Tanya with Sveta
Caleb with Taylar and her family
Julia and Galina
Annalyn and Grandma
Annalyn with Taylar and Baboonya
Happy Birthday to John and Oliver. 
The house seems so empty.  Six of the kids are gone.  Some are up at Grandma and Grandpa's house and some are with my Mom and Aunt.  To finish off John's birthday we went to see Monster's University after church.  It was great!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Watching the Garden Grow

Breakfast Time

Summertime is nice.   More laid back, that's for sure.   We have been waking up around 8, at least most of us have.  Of course the youngest four boys wake up around 6:30, but I can get them to play fairly quietly in their room with me checking up on them every 20 or so minutes.  Or sometimes one of the girls will get up around 7 and take the boys in the loft to play Legos.  Or I can get Nolan or Oliver and put them in bed with me and they will go back to sleep for a little while.  Hey-- it works.
For breakfast, I declared that we will eat around 8:30 and since I have more time in the morning, I am making things instead of just serving cereal.  The kids enjoyed waking up to blueberry muffins and hot chocolate one morning, and French toast the second.

Oliver is slowly learning to feed himself.
It takes a lot of patience and time on everyone's part.

But, he's getting it. Slowly but surely.
Meal time is mostly a pleasant experience.  I say mostly because there is a certain little boy who likes to cause mischief at the dinner table.  One day he saw that his brother had some ranch dressing on his face so he dipped his finger in his dressing and fingerpainted on his face.  Another day he encouraged a brother to put his mouth on the open barbecue bottle.  Thankfully this particular morning, he only forgot to wash his sticky hands before touching toys.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sveta Reads Her Birthday Card

Here is a video of Sveta beginning to open presents. She reads a sweet card from her big brother.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

What a Great Father!

Happy Father's Day!
We are so blessed to have such a wonderful man leading our family.
He is a great father and husband.
He is a wonderful example.
He is an awesome teacher.
He is giving, loving, and other oriented.
We don't know what we would do without him.
The kids gave him their gifts in the morning.
Including breakfast in bed.
For dinner we barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs.
John is an awesome barbecuer!
We enjoyed our simple and relaxing day at home.
Thank you Lord for blessing us with such an awesome husband and father!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nolan is Recovering Nicely

The surgery went well.  I am so pleased with how well the staff took care of our little boy.  Actually I am beyond impressed by how comfortable they made Nolan feel.  The anesthesiologist asked about his past experiences and promised me that she would try everything to keep Nolan from having any dry heaves.  She made good on her promise by giving him a cocktail of three anti-nausea meds before the surgery and right after.  It worked like a charm.  Another awesome thing is that his post-op nurse called me back before he woke up.  She let him sleep until he was ready to wake up on his home and the first person he saw was me, so he never cried.  And he woke up naturally without his sats ever dropping below 93.  It was so nice to see his groggy smile so quickly.
The icing on the cake was the good news I got from the doctor.  She said that Nolan didn't actually end up having a Cholesteatoma in his left ear.  What she had seen on the CTscan turned out to be built up layers of infection that was collecting moisture.  She carefully cleaned everything out as you can see in the photos.
Still he will need to have his ears cleaned out twice a year and will probably need hearing aids but at least there was less damage to his ear than there could have been.
I am hopeful that she will find his right ear to be the same.

Earlier this week I took Jonathan to the dentist to have his two front teeth fixed.  Since we had the pieces of his chipped off teeth the dentist bonded them back on.  Two hours later he was good to go.
We harvested all of the peaches off our tree at one time since ants and birds kept eating them.  THey were good while they lasted.