Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Trip to the Mountains

Over Memorial Day weekend, we all went up to Arrowbear Lake for vacation.  Since Adam is now 18, graduating, and heading to work and college I thought it would be nice to get in this family time while I still had the chance.  As the kids continue to grow up and get jobs it is getting harder to work around everyone's schedule so that they all have the same days off.  I am so thankful that we got this time together.

The home that we rented is in a beautiful area in the mountains right next to a small lake.  With lots of wilderness to explore in the backyard, the kids had an amazing time climbing rocks and swinging on a rope swing that John made. 

Julia wanted to sleep with Oliver since I didn't bring the playpen  The first night he woke up three times.  The second night he woke up one time and by the third night he slept straight through.  Dennis didn't like sharing a top bunk with his younger brothers so he got to sleep in Adam and Caleb's room.  It made John and I smile to hear Dennis ask his older brothers a gazillion questions and have them try to answer them.  :)

A few of the neighbors were having a yard sale so I bought a bag of balls and a few movies.  At the end of the day, one woman gave the younger boys a few board games.  They loved playing them!

The older kids were allowed to explore as long as they had a few buddies with them.  They spent much of the time rock climbing and looking at an old car that had been pushed down the mountain by rushing water.  On the last day John went on a hike up to the top of some rocks.  There he found a few water bottles that sure looked like the ones we had brought.  This is the opposite of what we are teaching our kids so they had to go out and bring back three pieces of trash each so that they left the area cleaner than when they first got there.

A special treat was watching cable tv since we don't have it here at home.  The kids watched a few Disney channel shows and we all watched River Monsters! 

A few friends from church joined us for a night or two.  On the last night we barbecued tri-tip and had smores that the kids made in the oven since there were no open fires allowed in the area.

All in all, everyone enjoyed themselves.  We are already talking about next time.


  1. Looks like lots of fun and quite the learning experience!

  2. Hi! It is nice to plan family vacations with the entire family. I found as my daughter got more into harder courses in college and had her chemistry classes and her labs got harder and longer labs she was spending more time at college than she did when she first started college. Enjoy you family time and all the blessing that come with them,Pat

  3. It seems like a wonderful rime was had by all, I love the video, all the kids seem so happy to be there !
    I found out this viedo the other day and thought you would like it, so here is the link? It's abut inner beauty, and I found it quite inspiring. :)


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