Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lots of Pictures

Oliver just took a bath.   He splashed and cooed and squealed and laughed.    He was in a great mood after his bath too. 
And so so handsome.  Just look at that wild hair and those gorgeous blue eyes!
With a large family comes lots of labeling.   I'm wondering what he thought we might use his toothbrush for if not for brushing. :)
Dennis, Alex, and Nolan are lego fanatics.  They begin in the morning and end at night.

William is obsessed with tying balls and toys to ropes.  He does it outside with the tether ball pole and inside he came up with this game. 
Speaking of William, let me tell you what happened to him tonight.  He was at the skateboard park which is gated, lighted, and right next to a baseball park where John, his parents, and a bunch of the kids were watching Paul and Andrew's game.  He was skating on the ramps and at one point he fell and his penny board shot out from under him.  Some guy grabbed it and started running.  William chased after him into a neighborhood he did not know.  He was hurt from falling and tired from running and gave up.  He was mad and frustrated, of course.  The police were called and they took a report. 
In the end his chances of getting his board back are of course slim, but I am just glad that it didn't turn out worse.  What if William had caught him?  Then what?  What if the guy's friends jumped William in a dark alley?  It is scary to think about.
And so sad to think how this guy was probably just waiting for an opportunity like this one.
Big sigh.

Here are more of the kids' drawings.  I smile when I look at them.  How can you not?

Oliver is using his new mesh fresh food feeder.  I bet you can't say that three times fast.
He can now enjoy fresh strawberries, tangerines, and tomatoes without choking.  And he is chewing more which is the goal.
Paul is so funny.  As you can tell he didn't want his picture taken, but I wanted this particular picture because it shows Paul personality.  He is slowly developing his own style, his own way of doing things and I think he is loving it.  Gosh, I love this boy.
Here is my beautiful daughter Annalyn holding Oliver.  She just gave him a bath.  She is sporting her new haircut.  It fits her perfectly-- you should see it when I straighten and flip it out for her.   I'll try and remember to take a picture next time I do her hair.
Who knew that a few ropes would provide endless hours of entertainment for these boys?
Please pray.  There are wildfires burning all around us because it is so darn dry.   Over four hundred firefighter are fighting the blazes.  The wind is incessant.  John tied down one of our nicest trees and it still snapped this afternoon-- our second one to snap in the last month.  Adam and I tied down these trees in hopes of saving them from the same fate.
On a good note, our garden is growing.  I think it is pretty.



  1. I'm loving your pictures, especially the smiling faces of your precious children. How blessed they are to have a loving family to be a part of.

    I watched the orphanage videos you posted and find my heart breaking. Some of it took me back to the days of visiting my brother who lived in one of our own state schools where the resident children were often put in a large room with a television set to occupy them and keep the caretakers entertained. I don't know how many TV set my brother broke by tipping them over (They were the big console type). The rocking and groaning of some of those children was all too similar to those in far-off orphanages, though many of them, like Tim, had families who came to visit and take them out for a ride or home for the weekend.

    In one of the videos of the Pleven orphanage I saw Katie, who most certainly would have been dead by now had she not been rescued by a couple from the United States. She is a beautiful healthy little girl now and an example, even in Bulgaria, of what love can do.

  2. Poor William, I don't blame him for being upset. :(

    Something to keep in mind for Oliver . . . if he has reflux, tomatoes might make it worse. My sons weren't able to eat tomatoes until they outgrew their reflux.

    I hope the fires stay away from you and no more trees snap!

  3. I wondered if you were close to the wild fires. I pray that you are protected and the fires can get put out. Praying for the firefighters too.

    And I feel so badly for William! Shame on whoever took his board - I pray that he is made to feel so guilty that he returns it! Amen!

  4. Hi!I am praying that the winds do not blow the fire into your area.I see on the news that each year wild fires destroy many homes in Cal. In Erie the weather has been very nice.Praying for you,Pat

  5. I think you need to get William to google Rube Goldberg machines. I think he would love them, and I can so see him trying to create one of his own.

  6. How scary for all of you and William at the park. Praying for continued protection for everyone.
    Love the photos of all the kiddos!

  7. I am somehow relieved that one of your children (at least) doesn't want his picture taken! Hardly any of mine will allow it. It gives me a complex.

    Your garden looks great!


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