Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!   After breakfast in bed made by Galina, the kids came in to wish me a special day.  The girls had actually started wishing me a happy mother's day the night before with two of them talking me into opening their presents early, but I saved the rest for the morning.
Annalyn wrote me a beautiful poem and framed it. 

The kids made me pictures and cards too.
I got boxes of candy that I opened and we all sampled right away.

I also got a few wonderful laughs and a few foot burns from the "As seen on tv" products that a few of the girls thought I could really use. 
Later in the day my Mom and Aunt Tanya came over and John barbecued.  Overall it was a wonderful day!
My four youngest boys hang out together all the time.
It is so amazing to watch how Oliver learns from his older brothers.  They all do such a great job of playing with him.
Nolan  is such a trooper.  Last Friday he had a CT Scan.  This morning we had a follow up appointment with the ENT who specializes in the ear and she gave us some bad news.  Nolan doesn't have one Cholesteatoma, but two. :(  And they are both pretty large and will require two surgeries each spaced out over two years.  The first one is scheduled in June so that Nolan won't miss anymore school.  A few months later he will have his other ear operated on and then nine months later he will have the second surgeries on both.  Thankfully each procedure will be outpatient, but they will take about 3 hours each.   And through it all, he remains happy and full of spunk!
Speaking of spunk-- you should check out Oliver.  He is one busy little man.  He crawls and climbs everywhere!  With just a month and a half until his second birthday we all wonder if he will be walking by then.  He is so close!
And what is up with Dennis?  He is learning up a storm!  He is doing so well in school.  I brought him home this work book that our charter school discarded and he thought it was the coolest.  He worked on three pages right before bed.

The rest of this week is so full.  Tomorrow two of the kids have dentist appointments.  Then Oliver has his teacher come out on Thursday and Friday after I attend two IEP meetings.  I think next week is even worse with high school finals for my homeschoolers and four more dentist appointments.  It's my fault cramming in all of these appointments before school is out, but I would just really like to enjoy our summer without tons of appointments to go to.


  1. Hi! It will be busy with many appointments in a week. But the time you get to spend with your family is worth it. Not having a lot of appointments just having time with the family is well worth one busy week.Good luck,Pat

  2. I love a nice long update from you! Sorry to hear about Nolan's ears, but I'm sure he'll pull through beautifully. One thing I was wondering was how much/well he can talk, and is he hearing impaired at all?

  3. It sounds like everyone is doing really well overall. I wonder if you're in the end of the school year crazy time. Especially if you have all the typical graduation stuff.

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  4. You are braver than I am posting your mother's day in bed. Of course you look fabulous even with bedhead...Love the updates. Still praying for you daily!


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