Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Past Week

Sveta learned a thing or two about baking bread when my Mom was here.  One day they made three dozen sub sandwich rolls using vital wheat gluten.
Even William took his turn kneading the dough.  After a while, he sort of got the hang of it.  Baboonya was a great teacher and practice makes perfect!
Here is a picture of my oldest and youngest.  Adam is about to turn 18 and will be graduating soon after.  I can hardly believe it.  Adam was accepted to three colleges and he quickly narrowed it down to two.  After visiting both campuses, learning what each school had to offer, he finally made a decision.  One offered him the chancellor's award.  The same one accepted him into their honor's program.   And it's close to home.  Drumroll please. After much thought,  he submitted his statement of intent to register at the University of California, Riverside.
He is majoring in mechanical engineering.
We are so proud!
Adam plans to work this summer to save up for his portion of tuition.  Though he will still be living at home, I have a feeling that we will be seeing much less of him.  I am so excited for all the opportunity that awaits him, but it will take some getting used to on my part.  This is so bittersweet for me... it is hard to put into words my thoughts and feelings.
Is he ready?  Of course he is.
Did we raise him right?
Is he going to wear his armor out in the world?
So many things cross my mind, and in the end, all I can do is have faith that he will build his life... his house... his future... on solid ground.
Oliver's pincher grasp is nonexistent so with the advice from one of his teachers, I came up with this.  As you can see by the tear running down his cheek, he was not very happy.  After a few minutes of practice, I realized that the socks were a joke so I took them off. :(
Today Oliver had an evaluation with a speech therapist to see how he swallows and to get some suggestions on teaching Oliver how to chew his food before swallowing.  I put a piece of graham cracker in the side of his cheek just as she said, and he actually chewed it a few times more than had I just given him the piece to put in his own mouth.  Tonight I made a special trip to the store to get these.  Tomorrow I will put strawberries in them to see how Oliver does with them.
Alex has been struggling lately.  A lot.  I was hesitant to share that, but it has become a daily part of our lives.  The behavior challenges are like continuous waves, and though we ride them day in and day out, it would be nice to stand on solid ground with him for a change.
He said he didn't get homework yesterday.  Today he said he didn't get it either.  Once, I can buy, but two days in a row didn't seem right.  I questioned him till I got the truth out-- he just didn't want to do it so he left it in his desk.  Rather than reward him with not doing any, I improvised by getting Dennis' homework and copying down the spelling words.  Alex had to come up with sentences. 
Poor Galina.  She sprained her ankle.  Again.  This time it was the other ankle and it swelled up quite a bit.  After keeping it elevated for the last 24 hours, the swelling has gone down and the pain is not as severe.  She skipped softball practice today, but she hopes to play this weekend.
I'm not too sure.  We'll see.


  1. I have used socks with 2 cut-out holes for years to teach pinching grip. It can work. Ollie has grown so fast! Congrats to Adam!

  2. How can it be time for Adam to go to college all ready? Congrats to him on the Chancellor's award.
    So neat that you've got more bread makers in your house now!
    Life is so busy, thank you for taking time to post. I was having withdrawals! ;0
    Will be praying for Alex.

  3. Good Morning!

    My son is 7.5 and he struggles with not wanting to do his work also. We set up a plan with the teacher that she would inform me more quickly if things were late. But I also started praying for him and for his walk with God and for my relationship with him. We were always close, but it's been...rocky. He's very willful and I'm super stubborn. After a month or so I've seen big strides in my attitude toward him and have been convicted regarding my own tone of voice and whether I am gentle and loving. It seems to be helping him all around. He has also made strides in his faith praying out loud for the first time and examining his own heart. He's so tenderhearted toward the Lord and I never took the time to give him the chance to talk about it.

    I can't say enough about how much you encourage me Christine to reach out to my kids and to be holding them up to God. Thank you for keeping your blog.

  4. Congratulations to Adam for being accepted by THREE schools, and also being offered the Chancellor's Award AND admission to the honor's program. He, and his parents, must be SOOOO proud!

    He has had exceptional role models guiding him, Christine, so I have no doubt that he will continue to succeed as he moves on to this next adventure! What an exciting time for him!!

    Again, congratulations to Adam!!

    PS Our son is majoring in mechanical engineering, too! (His Dad is an electrical engineer.)

  5. Hi! My daughter attends college and lives at home.She is involved in school activites. She met some great Christians at her campus. She spends a lot of time at college studying and working on chemistry research projects.Good luck and let your baby fly with God's direction on his college journey,Pat

  6. Your kids are getting so grown up! Sveta looks like such a young woman in that photo. :)

    Congrats to Adam on college. Scary, yet exciting.

    While we homeschool, I've had problems with the boys not wanting to do their work and hiding it, or saying it was done when it was most certainly not! Maybe it's the age in part? I just tell them they have to redo everything if they don't do it all the first time, but what a pain. Hopefully Alex will start bringing his homework home and improve the attitude . . . but as a mom, I'm sure you know these things come in phases. ;)


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