Friday, April 12, 2013


I guess the old adage-- Kids say the darndest things-- is really true.  At breakfast this morning one little boy told me that his poop was green.  I guess my speechlessness wasn't what he expected so he shared the news a few more times.  It even got a couple of chuckles from one of his brothers. Nice.

And then later in the day another little boy told me that if he doesn't brush his teeth, his penis hurts.  Poof-- out of the blue.  I'm still scratching my head with that one, as is Adam.
Here are three movies I really want to see.


Not Today

Camp the movie
 And here are other miscellaneous notes to self.

~ Make sure leftovers actually make it to the fridge after dinner.
~ Remember to bring Chrome notebook to your room at night so that no one sneaks it to their room for unauthorized Internet time.
~ Actually check the kids' schoolwork-- don't take their word for it that they actually completed it.
~ Do online shopping as time permits for plenty of next year's winter jackets for the kids or risk the kids not having enough when they lose them at school or break all the zippers.
~ Spend some time doing yard work because you actually like it.
~ Don't forget that your community group is having a kick off barbecue this Sunday and you haven't bought a single thing for it yet.


  1. I love your sons' observations - they are hilarious! My son is in the same age range as your little boys, and the things he comes out with are so unexpected and funny. I'm a bit jealous that you have several little guys in the house to keep you laughing. :)

    I came across your blog a few months ago, and read back through your archives with great interest. Though our lives and beliefs are very different, your writing is inspiring and challenging - your patience, grace and thoughtfulness have caused me to reflect on the way I respond to my own family and the people in my life, and I'm thankful to have your example. I really appreciate the time and effort you have put into your blog, and your willingness to share your family's experiences. It's clear that this isn't something you take lightly - a lot of thought goes into what to share, and how to share it with respect to everyone involved.

    So thank you, Christine! Your blog is a reminder that the good qualities we see in others - for instance, the strength and patience it takes to thoughtfully parent a large family - are the result of love, consideration and effort. Knowing that those we admire are trying their best is a good reminder to try our best.

  2. :) Brushing teeth .....

    I forgot to put our left overs in the fridge the other night and lost a really good mushroom sauce. :/

    We saw Stuck after purchasing the DVD to share with church members. It is pretty good!

  3. "When I don't brush my teeth, my p**** hurts!" lol
    Well, maybe he's just a really observant kind of guy.
    Maybe all the other males in your household have always been very efficient teeth brushers and have never taken the opportunity to figure out the correlation.
    Good on him for figuring out why he needs to be faithful about his teeth brushing all on his own! ;)

  4. Oh gosh, the tooth brushing thing is too funny. At least it encourages him to brush his teeth?

    Also, a lot of the kids' outerwear is on sale at Land's End right now. You can do returns at any Sears store if something doesn't fit, though I imagine you have someone in pretty much every size :). Plus their guarantee is really good.

  5. Camp was really good. Did you ever go see it? If you do Hayle is the pirate girl in the talent show scene.


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