Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Growth

Easter morning we went to church.   Rather than have the kids wake up to Easter goodies, we saved their candy till after dinner. 
Nolan didn't know what to think I'm sure.  Was it his birthday?  Could he eat all of his candy at one sitting?  Was it okay if he looked at it all day?
Needless to say he was one happy camper experiencing his first Easter. 

As soon as the packages were open, the trading began.  The kids traded jolly ranchers for whoppers, and cookies for chocolate eggs.
Oliver was so excited to have this lollipop.  For a long time he just popped it in and out of his mouth.  Imagine my surprise when he threw it down.  Thinking it was more of an oops, we handed it back to him.  He threw it down again-- that stinker.  And then he began rubbing it in his hair.  He may not talk yet, but he made it pretty clear that he was done with the lollipop.

Monday afternoon Grandma and Grandpa came to our house to spend a few days.
Galina gets regular tutoring from Dad in math.
Yesterday it was observing snails, and today Julia and Annalyn had to dissect a frog.
This was an  event that Annalyn dressed  up for!

I don't know about you, but I think Oliver's smile gets a little brighter everyday.  It is impossible to not look at him and be filled with warmth and love.  He is growing up so fast.  He is now drinking from the sippy cup that he used to cry at just the sight of it.  He is not only riding his Y bike all by himself, but he using it as a walker too.  When we first got it one month ago, he cried when we put him near it.  No more tears.  Just giggles and flirtatious raspberries.
He is definitely attached to our family.  The other day when I tried to drop him off at the church nursery, he fussed and turned his body and clung to me.  This is so awesome!  We eventually went and had a great time in there but was definitely ready to leave when we came to pick him up. 
The seeds we planted are sprouting.
Here are the wildflower seeds popping their heads through the dirt.  It was so exciting to find them.
And here are our radishes! Aren't they cute?  Who knew gardening could be such a thrilling experience!  We look forward to each day to see if new sprouts have popped their heads up.
Is anyone else gardening?


  1. No gardening yet. We still have snow on the ground in Michigan. I'm jealous :-)

  2. Dennis and I have the same cup : )

  3. Oliver is adorable, that's for sure. We garden every year, and have the same thrill watching our cucumbers and green beans come up. I go out every day to see how many more leaves our green beans have.

  4. yep--we are gardening--but all in the greenhouse so far. Oregon weather will not allow for outside planting yet.

  5. We are gardeners, but it's not time to plant yet up here in NW Washington.

    Laurel :)

  6. Not gardening yet. Here in Virginia we have to wait until mid May at the earliest to plant outside. And even then we could have a frost or two. . .have to keep the newspapers handy to cover things just in case! Yours are all looking cute. . .and the kids too! : )

  7. i hated dissections. the foot-long worm wasn't too bad, the fish was okay, but the frog bothered me.

    then came the cat. CAT! in high school!

    let's just say, some of the other students who were appalled and i got the support of a teacher who was also upset and objected. literally, there was a refrigerator in the classroom filled with dead cats, and this was done over the course of nearly a MONTH! not just dissections, but studying every single system, every bit of every organ... i got out of it, but was still around it. i did mine online using virtual images, but i saw it every day. it was horrible.

  8. Is it just me or has Oliver lost his baby look? His face looks more toddler than baby now! Sorry Christine! He's absolutely adorable.

    Cheryl in ID


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