Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lots of New Things

Who needs a ping pong table?
Anastasia enjoys the outdoors.
So I thought that my kids could cook.  I always have them helping in the kitchen and some of them help bake bread, make a cake mix, or something simple like fried eggs-- but could they cook?  For one of their assignments I had them choose partners and one of the main dishes and desserts I picked out for the kids to make.  Then they had to double or triple the recipe with minimal help from me.  Let's just say that it was an eye opener.  Each dish turned out great but I ended up helping the kids quite a bit.  The kids learned that you can't add more pasta to the pasta that has already been cooking for 7 minutes. They also learned to error on the side of using a bigger bowl rather than having to change it because it is not big enough.   Next month I told them they will have to cook everything on their own.   Hope I am not tempted to open my mouth and put in my two cents. 
Sveta was proud of her Sante Fe Casserole.
My Mom has been here the last few days.  She has been baking all kind of wonderful breads with the girls.  They even made homemade bagels which are the best!
Julia and Paul made chicken pot pie.  There was enough filling to bag and stick in the freezer for another meal.
The bread was so delicious!  Great job girls!

Oliver is such a big boy!  He is 24 pounds of baby chunk!  His favorite thing to do nowadays is to spit his water out and let it dribble down his chin and all over his clothes.
Out of curiosity I decided to see if Oliver was still afraid of bubble baths.  Nope.  He loves them.

Nolan had dental surgery last Friday.  The dentist removed the remainder of his two front teeth and filled five cavities.  That means that every single tooth was worked on in his little mouth.  Despite his chipmunk cheeks afterwards, he was ready to play a few hours after we got home.
I took Nolan to the ENT that our regular ENT referred him to have his cholesteatoma checked out.  She also suctioned out all the pus in the ear that just had a tube inserted into.   This unusually brave little boy cried-- it hurt that much.  Yet he stayed still till she was finished.  He is now on antibiotics and waiting to have a cat scan.  She thinks surgery is in the near future.
Jonny went to another Opthamologist  for a second opinion yesterday.  Turns out he has 20/20 vision without glasses and is a good candidate for surgery to correct his exotropia. The doctor told us he is colorblind which I already knew.  She will check his eyes in six weeks for a second look to make sure nothing has changed and if that is the case he will follow with surgery.  When Jonny doesn't wear his glasses his eye is much straighter so I pray that in the end his eye corrects itself.  Wouldn't that be awesome!


  1. So much going on!

    Yay for the kids cooking.

    William looks so tall in the picture.

  2. I wished I lived in your house! You have such a wonderful family. God Bless you for all you do!

  3. Well yum! Looks like a lot of good eats have happened at your house.
    I always tell my kids people who eat and wear clothes must learn to cook and do laundry. Haha! True.
    I wonder if Sveta would share her recipe for Santa Fe Chicken casserole. It looks delicious!
    Nolan is a trooper for going through all that. Sending prayers for best outcomes and endurance to get through all.


  4. A lot going on!!

    Yay for young chefs!

    Oliver is so cute!!

  5. Was that zucchini casserole? lasagna? Did you grow up with lots of siblings? I ask, because your mom looks very at home making lots of food. Those breads are gorgeous. Maybe you could figure out how much they cost and try selling them. It seems there is a big market for homemade goodies. If I lived near you I would find your goodies!

  6. Hi! My children and I like to bake bread together. A Ukraine woman from the church uses wheat flour that is brought in to America from Canada. She uses this flour in baking wedding cakes.Happy baking. Pat

  7. What a busy household. :) Your Ollie weighs the same as my Dominic. Both chunky little guys.

    Teaching kids to cook is definitely important. I'm glad you're getting them to branch out. My mom always tried to teach us the basics behind the recipes, which enabled us to make our own recipes later on. It's good math practice, too!

  8. Please post how to make home made bagels :).
    I love the Ollie bath photos!
    Praying for Nolan and his procedures.

  9. All of this seems so much fun ! ;) It is always nice to see the kids playing, cooking, etc ! It would be so cool if you made an update on each of the kids, how they are doing at school, etc, even if I suppose it would take time !! I remember when you did it over a year ago I found it so thoughtful :)
    Blessings to your wonderful family !


  10. I wish I could have avoided my first eye muscle surgery...because then maybe I wouldn't have needed the second and third. My son has the same issue, and I took him to the university med center/children's hospital practice which has an orthoptist, in addition to the pediatric ophthalmologist, who was my dr. also. The orthoptist gave him eye exercises and voila! That was it. Simple eye exercises. He did them at home, and only saw her twice.

    Take it from me, do what you can and avoid surgery until nothing else works. This surgery when young almost always means more surgery in middle age, when ones eyes change again.

    I have struggled with double vision issues on and off my whole life. And, computer work, where so much is done now, is not forgiving for eye issues.

    Not all university med center practices have orthoptists, but the one in LA is well known. They probably do have.

    Hope the patching continues to help!


  11. Wow !! Can your children ever cook!! Everything looks amazing. So blessed to have your mom there.
    Little Oliver is adorable.
    Lisa mommytoalot


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