Thursday, March 21, 2013

Two Boys = Three Tubes

Nolan and Oliver had tubes put in today.  Since Oliver is so young, he was one of the surgery center's first patients.  As soon as Oliver was in recovery, they took Nolan back.  Both did great!  However, the doctor confirmed that Nolan does have choleastoma in his right ear.  She is going to refer us to a great doctor down in Palm Springs.  She could not place a tube in that ear.  When she went to place the tube in his left ear she saw that his ear drum was perforated which was causing all the discharge.  She roughed up the edges so the tissue would close around the tube.  Despite this news about his ears, Nolan isn't letting it slow him down.  He has too much stuff to do!
Like this!
While Oliver was doing this.
Since I was gone most of the morning, I had to go over the kids' work after lunch.  Let's just say, I am very much looking forward to Spring break next week.


  1. Long-time reader but not as much a commenter, just wanted to send kudos to you. You take it all in stride so well, and I know it must be difficult to deal with all that involves a houseful of kids ;) Something tells me they don't all go as smoothly as the Duggars lol. Nolan seems to be thriving, what a joy to see a child that was tossed aside doing so beautifully. Who couldn't love sweet little Oliver he's just precious. I have Job' Syndrome (Hyperimmunoglobulinemia E/ Hyper IgE) and due to some quirks with the tubes actually getting infected can't have them placed, so I can relate to the boys with all their ear problems. They are currently trying to monitor my eardrum retraction to prevent a progression to cholesteatoma, I feel so bad for little Nolan because your ear drum being retracted is so painful and irritating. I constantly need to try and work my jaw to "pop" my ears and we live at an elevation that changes significantly in our normal car commutes. You can actually feel the air bubbles "build pressure". I thought I would share so if Nolan complained of any of these odd symptoms it would be familiar. I hope they get him straightened out with his ear really soon, but he is SO tough. :-)

  2. We have those Sesame Street blankets, too. We have Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie!

  3. Hi!I am glad your children's surgerys went well.They look so cute in the picture.Good luck,Pat


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