Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Now We Wait Till The Garden Grows

Last weekend Julia and Taylar got up early to make Cinnamon Roll Pancakes.  They were so good!
They were a nice treat before Adam, Caleb, Annalyn, and Julia left for Mexico.
Adam had to get in some last minute Oliver time before he left for the week.

Caleb and Taylar got in some last minute snuggles.
I love this picture of Annalyn and Julia. 

The four of them left around 9am last Sunday.  It has been strangely quiet without them.  I can't wait to see them on Friday and hear all about their time in Mexico doing construction and Vacation Bible School.
I think this picture is adorable.  Oliver is such a big boy!
Anastasia is learning to make bread.  She knows how to roll it, cut it, and paint it with egg wash.
My Mom has been here the last few days.  She helped up set up our garden.  Yesterday we went shopping for plants, seeds, and gardening tools.  Today we planted tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelons, radishes, cucumbers, dill, bell peppers, and green beans. 
Look behind Anastasia-- we have a grape vine growing!
Paul, Dennis, and Alex played in the trampoline off and on all day.  The weather was perfect!
Spring is definitely in the air.  Not only have we been gardening but we have all been pulling weeds, trimming tress and bushes, cleaning the yard, and sewing a new cover for one of the patio swings.  Thanks Mom for all the help and inspiration!
Galina and Anna planted the radishes while my Mom and Rachel planted the cucumbers.
Anna also tended to the ants on our peach tree.  We have tried petroleum jelly rings, coffee grounds and crushed egg shells around the base of the trees, and white chalk.  Nothing seems to keep the ants completely off the tree.  Any other non-pesticide ideas?


  1. Hi! Check out Brandi's Blog -The Prudent Homemaker.She has some great gardening ideas.She lives in a dry area like your area.I had to have my trees professionaly sprayed by a pest control co. when we had many fruit trees.Some weird virus and insects got into the trees and actually ate the trees. It was very sad to watch the trees die and then be taken down but there was no treatment we could do that would work. Penn State has a dept. that will check out trees and plants and will give treatment ideas.Also if there are master gardeners in your area they may look at your property and plants and give you free ideas what to do about the insects on your plants.Good luck! Gardening is a lot of work but provides healthly food.I am checking into a CSA in the Erie area again this year.Pat

  2. tree tanglefoot?

  3. Have you tried grinding up a jalepeno pepper in a handy chopper and putting it in a spray bottle with water. Let it sit overnight in the fridge and spray it on it in the morning. It works in Oklahoma.

    Cottage Making Mommy

  4. google recipes for pest control and find the one for Garlic spray.

  5. For the ants...try cinnamon. Just sprinkle it around. Its always worked for us! :)

  6. Hope the kids have a great time in Mexico and that it'll be life changing for them.

  7. I have placed a small trail of ground cinnamon along the kitchen window seal will keep ants out of our kitchen. Also, I've heard the peeling a cucumber and laying the peels cut side up prevent ants from crossing.

  8. Cinnamon works for my ants too. Good luck.

  9. Love all the pics. Having been there, it is so much easier to picture it all now. :)

    Love the gardening. Can't wait to hear how it all goes (or grows).

    Yeah for a Mexico Mission trip. My 16 year old daughter and I are going to Guatemala in June for a week. Can't wait!

    The Cinnamon Roll Pancakes look good (and a fun treat). What is the "sauce" made of that the girls are adding to the pancakes?

    Hope you all are doing well!

    mama of 12

  10. Your family never ceases to inspire me! Thanks so much for the stories and pictures


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