Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's the Little Things

When I saw this I had to grab my camera! Nolan is so smart!  When he couldn't open the refrigerator he used his foot to force open the door.
Dennis loves being a big brother.  He enjoys making Oliver smile and laugh.  Just a few years ago his big brothers were pushing him around.
Tonight Andrew and Paul bought chocolate pudding pies with Adam at the store.  They wanted to eat them for dessert after their baseball practice.  Paul asked Andrew how long he microwaved his pie.  Andrew told him twenty as I put Paul's pie in and hit start for an automatic thirty seconds.  Paul quickly told me to stop the microwave when it got to 10 seconds.  This is such amazing growth for Paul who has only been home for 2 1/2 years.  Not only does it demonstrate assertiveness, but also problem solving, and everyday math. 
Tomorrow my Mom and Sister are coming for a visit.  Yay!


  1. Paul seems like such a sweetheart, I'm glad to hear he's doing so well.

  2. Go, Nolan!
    Wheeee, D&O!
    Go, Paul!
    Have a great visit.

  3. Hi! My children enjoyed pull each other around our yard on a sled this winter.They had a blast.Keep pulling each other boys and keep bonding,Pat

  4. It is not really post related... But it is related to Nolan, so I suppose it is post related as you talk about him in your post ? ;)
    Actually it is related to EEC syndrome. I've seen many kids/teenagers/adults going through this, including myself now, so I just wanted to share with you :) I'm sure you've been told that usually eyes problems are part of EEC syndrome,especially eye dryness. Doctors generally tell the patients to lubrificate their eyes as in many cases the eye can't lubrificate itself. I wanted to share with all of EEC kids, teens and adults, please listen to the doctor on this particular advice ! I have experienced an irreversible vision loss, that is in part linked to not having used eye drops for about 1 year (other circumstances have played a role in that vision loss of course but eye dryness was in part caused by not having used eye drops)... And my vision went fro 8/10 to 2/10.
    I just wanted to share it with you & all the other persons affected or knowing someone who is affected by EEC. That is sometimes something we don't think enough about during the childhood years but yet it is so important and sometimes can lead to important loss.

    Happy to read your stories - as always :) Nolan and Paul are so smart !!!!


  5. Praying for your litte one. Take care


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