Saturday, March 30, 2013

Coloring Eggs

Yesterday we colored eggs by mixing shaving cream with food coloring and painting it on. After they sat for awhile, the eggs were rinsed off. The kids really enjoyed coloring the eggs this way.

As soon as the eggs were colored, the kids wanted to eat an egg.  Then they wanted another.  As quick as they were colored, they were gone!
The kids who went to Mexico made it home safely last night.  We gathered in the living room to hear all about their trip.  The kids had an amazing time serving and worshipping.  They desire to be forever changed and not have the "high" wear off. 
Praise God.
Tomorrow is Easter. 
Let's celebrate.
He has risen!


  1. Hi! Happy Easter! My children also colored Easter eggs.I can not tell if they had more fun eating the eggs or coloring them.The children will be in a Easter play and a donation will be made for the church's orphan program from my family. My children wanted to donate the money we would spend on chocolate Easter candy to an orphanage project that the church sponsors.My children still got healthly snacks and fruit for Easter but no chocolate candy from my family.Have a Blessed Day,Pat

  2. Hi Christine,

    I've been following your blog off and on for quite awhile, and I just feel the need to say the obvious: your family looks like so much.. FUN! I can't imagine the difficulties that go along with being parents in your situation, but regardless of that, I can tell that all the good times (which are many!) are SO worth it! I always wished I had siblings to play with growing up, and a mom who knows how to organize a huge house full of fun activities!

    I also wanted to ask you a question out of pure curiosity. I know and respect that God is a large part of your life, but I was wondering if some day your children decide to adopt a different religion or believe in other things if you will respect that and let them know that you support them regardless of your beliefs differing. Let me explain a bit more where I'm coming from.

    Growing up I was raised Catholic and believed it was the "right" way like the rest of my family until I was in high school and started questioning things. Long story short, I'm a very scientific person and I do not believe in a deity. I finally "came out" to my whole family about my beliefs years ago, asking that they respect me and treat me with just as much support and love as they had before and not try to pressure me into believing in what they did (or make me feel left out of the family). Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened. I was ridiculed mercilessly and my mother stopped answering my phone calls (I'm now an adult and live on my own). She still barely speaks to me. My extended family is also completely out of the picture due to their "disgust" and my "deviant beliefs." I have always been a caring, loving person and I will never be able to get over how I was treated..

    Anyway, I was reading your most recent entry here and starting thinking about how much I wish that growing up, I could have been any of the beautiful children in your family, and that prompted the question. I just wanted to know what your point of view is on the subject. :)

    Keep carrying on, you and your family are beautiful and nothing short of amazing!

    Sincerely, Lisa


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