Tuesday, March 12, 2013


This is Galina's snack masterpiece. It is a homemade whole wheat bran muffin topped with sliced banana and drizzled peanut butter. Did I mention that Galina makes the best bran muffins ever?
The four youngest boys love books.  Even Oliver enjoys flipping through the pages.  
Alex and Dennis are reading whole books now!  They have improved so much in the last three months.
Bless his heart, Nolan pretends to read like his big brothers.

Look at the bruise on Nolan's forehead.  He was chasing one of the boys around the house and fell down.  Ouch, but he is such a trooper.

Oliver is doing so many new things.  He thinks he is a big boy now!
He is signing more, crawling faster, and finding his way into everynook and cranny of our hearts.
Here he is wearing hip helpers to keep his legs from spreading far apart.  They seem to help although he is not thrilled to wear them.

Our Olliepoppers!
I took Nolan to the ENT yesterday.  His outer ear infection just wasn't clearing up.  I'll spare you the details, but will say that his ear is now clear and a sponge has been inserted to help keep in the drops.  He is on an oral antibiotic too.  The sponge will come out Friday.  Unfortunately, this infection will delay his dental surgery that was scheduled this week, but we all want him to be healthy when he goes under general anesthesia.  It has been rescheduled to next month.
What blows me away is how high Nolan's pain threshold seems to be.  He is my little trooper.


  1. Hi! I think it is helpful that Oliver is signing.The more signs he uses the more his communication skills increase and his quality of life improves.I would love to see Oliver sign- eat.He is such a cute baby.Pat

  2. These picture are a festival of toothless smiles! Funny and precious!

  3. They are reading some of our favorites. My oldest ones loved Little Critter (also Berenstain Bears and Jesse Bear)

  4. I love how Galina has an eye for food art. :) Very pretty presentation!

  5. Your children are so very blessed. I love seeing the pictures of you with them reading..it's awesome. I know you are blessed as well.
    Your littles are getting so big. Everyone looks great...happy makes my heart sing.
    God bless Christine..

  6. Oliver - those eyes! Gorgeous!

    Galina - that looks delicious!!

  7. The signing is excellent! It's so hard to try and figure out what babies are trying to say unless they are early talkers and I think signs really help kids avoid some of the frustration.

    Your kids are so cute. Love reading about their antics and seeing all these neat pics of them. :)

  8. I had forgotten that Paul was adopted. I don't know how I forgot that. I probably started reading your blog around then. How is he doing? How is his English? He and William are about the same age as my son (adopted in 2009 - we left today in 2009 to get him).

  9. I rarely comment, but I LOVE reading about and seeing your beautiful family! I get a huge smile on my heart when I look through the pictures!I can't believe how big Dennis is now!! That's when I started reading your blog. We adopted a sibling group
    (3) and we just celebrated our 21st anniversary on the 14th! We are so blessed to be their momma and daddy!


  10. SUCH cute photos of your Oliver!


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