Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Mom's Retreat

Well I am on the Mom's retreat.   All is going wonderful... finally.  Let me explain.  On Valentine's Day I woke up with the worst UTI and rushed over to Urgent Care.  They gave me two meds-- an antibiotic and a numbing pain reliever-- and I began to feel better.  Friday morning I realized that William was too sick for me to feel comfortable leaving for the weekend so I walked him into our doctor's office after dropping off something at the lab downstairs.  Thankfully they took us as a walk in and though William tested negative for the flu and strep they gave him antibiotics for a sinus infection.  Finally at 11 am my friend Amanda and I said good-bye and headed off for our retreat on the beach.
On the way we saw this truck.  This pic's for you John.
I had to stop for the bathroom and we ended up at this Tommys in Monrovia. 
This pic's for you Mom.
We both got the chili fries.  I ate mine with ketchup.  This pic's for you Julia!
We got to the beach house around 3pm.  The weather cold not be more gorgeous. 
The first night we stayed up after midnight talking and laughing.
Stop that Debbie!
There were eight of us Moms in all.  Claudette, Holly, Sheri, Debbie, Amanda, Annie, and Pam who took the picture.
Pam and Annie relaxing on the balcony.
Saturday morning I took a shower.  I knew the shower door was hard to close but I had no idea I would get stuck in the shower.  Thankfully I hadn't locked the bathroom door so after my screams were finally heard over the girls talking, they were able to rescue me.  We went to a restaurant on Saturday night.  By then I was feeling awful again from my UTI.  Though I was served this wonderful bruschetta, I was in too much pain to really enjoy the evening.  After some brainstorming I called the Urgent Care back home and got them to fax over a new prescription for a different antibiotic to a pharmacy open 24 hours.  Yay-- finally relief!
Here is Holly and Pam.
Here I am with Sheri faking a smile through my pain.  Sheri looks great!
Here is Annie who came all the way from Michigan with Amanda.
Here is all of us at the restaurant.
This retreat was just what the doctor ordered for all of us.  It was so amazing to get to know these women and hear their stories.  Finally we got to spend time with each other in real life rather than through just FB and blogging.  Though we are still here-- we are already thinking about next time.


  1. Thanks for planning such a wonderful time Christine! Looking forward to next year when I can stay longer. :)

  2. You guys all look like you are having fun and I miss you and can't wait for you to come home Mom!!
    Love you!!

  3. Hope you are feeling better. I know exactly how it is to try and go on with UTI's believe me. And it is not fun.

    It looks like you had fun anyway but maybe next year you'll be able to enjoy it more. Glad you were able to get the anitbiotics.

  4. Looks like the weekend was enjoyed by all!!

  5. How fun! So glad you got to have a restful weekend! It was so nice to see Annie in the pictures! :)

  6. You know I wish I could have come! Maybe next year!

  7. The beach house looks amazing.. What a fun way weekend! So sorry to hear about the UTI though. Hope you're feeling better.

  8. I LOVE seeing you all together. I hope that some day in the future I will be able to join you. What a wonderful weekend! ~Karen

  9. Dear Christine,
    I had a bunch of UTI's in a frustrating! Then my Dr. found a recommendation for prophylactic treatment. I have a running prescription for Macrodantin, 50 mg. I take it whenever I have "too much fun" that might lead to one, or whenever I feel a beginning of a UTI. Sometimes just one per day for like 30 days after a "near miss" incident. At first I took them fairly often, but now only rarely. But, I am never without them! I believe the scarring causes susceptibility to more UTI's and once you prevent them from gaining ground and pitting the skin in there again, they stop happening so often. Ask your Dr. about it! In the early days there were a couple of times I still had to get the painkiller treatment, but basically this has stopped the problem. So sorry you had trouble on your trip. Also glad to see Annie having some respite. She really needs it, and is such an awesome person!

  10. Hi! Your weekend sounds like a blast.Sometimes mothers need a chance to get away and enjoy life and have a little me time in order to continue with their daily livesvand meeting the needs of their families. Continue to have fun,Pat

  11. Even I didn't know how much I needed this get-away until it happened! It was magical and healing in so many ways. What a blessing to meet such amazing and faith-filled moms!

    I'm going to start putting a bit of money away each week, so I can go next year!

    THANK YOU, SO MUCH, Christine for organizing it all so well and so generously!


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