Monday, February 25, 2013

Rachel's Dream Come True

After five years, it finally happened.  After many long talks, countless prayers, and vivid dreams, my daughter Rachel finally had her dream come true. 
For the longest time I had been telling her things like--
"It just isn't the right time yet."
"You two have been through so much."
"Maybe he isn't ready."
"Let God handle it."
"It may not happen for many more years."
"Keep praying and stay faithful that one day..."
Then it happened.
Rachel's biological brother Jacob texted her to see if they could get together.  At first it was only going to be a quick dinner, but after more talking and planning we opened up our home to Jacob and his girlfriend. 

The visit went a thousand times better than I could have imagined.  It was wonderful to see them together.  The two of them have grown so much these last few years-- emotionally and spiritually.  I stand in awe how the Lord can heal even the most broken relationships.
Praising God for new beginnings.


  1. So happy for Rachel! They are both too gorgeous!!!

  2. He is such a handsome boy! I am really glad this could occur. God bless their relationship.

  3. They look so very much alike and they both look thrilled to finally have time together! So happy for Rachel and her brother. I hope this is the first of many visits for them!

  4. This is sooooo encouraging to my heart! We are telling Miss Alli the very same things. It isn't time yet. The Lord will work it out....It will happen, but it may take many more years.

    Thanks for this ray of Hope Christine!

  5. Yay!!! Praise the Lord!!

  6. This picture makes me praise the Lord from deep within my soul.

  7. They look so much alike ! Amazing story ! :)

  8. This gives me hope for my Saul and his older brother...

  9. We just had a sermon about the Rachel of the Bible, and how she was 'double beautiful' according to translation. Your Rachel is too. In appearance, but more importantly in countenance. So very happy that this meeting worked out well.
    Mark this down as another battle won by love. Praise God!

  10. Wow! How wonderful for them both!
    Rachel is so lucky to have your patient and wise mothering during this difficult journey.

  11. Hi!I am pleased that Rachael got to visit with her brother. Sometimes individuals must deal with past situations before they can move on in their journey of life.Pat

  12. Their smiles say it all! Two beautiful people. So happy for them both.

  13. I'm so thankful for the healing that is ongoing in their lives. May the Lord continue that work in their lives so that they may be able to have healthy relationships with all people in their lives.

  14. That's wonderful! The sibling relationship can be the hardest one of all, but it is also one of the most rewarding. I hope they are able to continue improving their relationship as they get older. Good for you for being so wise and patient in all this and teaching Rachel to be, as well.


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