Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One Picture

Caleb went to Taylar's winter formal.   Aren't they a cute couple?

Tonight I took Oliver back to the doctor for his third antibiotic shot.  He has been getting progressively better since the first one, but his ear is still a little red.  At least he is back to sleeping through the night. 
So am I.
In addition to the doctor appointment,
Andrew had a school program, and the girls had softball practice.
Still managed to make a wonderful dinner, though for the first time in a long time, we didn't all sit down together to eat.  My new favorite thing to do is boil a bunch of chicken drumsticks on the stove for a few hours till the meat is nearly falling off the bone.  I then strain the broth for soup and debone the chicken to serve in casseroles, alongside rice, or by itself with some barbecue sauce.  It is so good-- way better than chicken breasts and 1/2 the price.
Today during devotional time, we watched The Butterfly Circus.
“The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph”
Take a moment to watch this 22 minute short film.


  1. My friend sent this link to me a while back..... She questioned if it was good or not....
    Nick participated in this,and I think he felt it worth while. :)
    He is an amazing inspiration to all of us! Our girls have visited with him when he has come to the Dallas area.
    What a wonderful man, who is NOW married and expecting a son, any day!

  2. OH I am so glad he is better and you are both back to sleeping!

    Caleb and Taylar as so cute!

    Great idea about the chicken!! GOtta try it! : )

  3. Hi!Your son and his girlfriend make a cute couple.I hope they had a wonderful time at the formal.Blessings, Pat

  4. Caleb and Taylar are cute together!!
    HOORAY for sleeping thru the night! =)
    I must have missed something recently, I didn't realize any of your girls were playing softball. Are they enjoying it?

  5. Glad your baby is feeling better. I had one years ago who ended up in the hospital with double ear infections. He never pulled on his ears either and I thought he had the flu.


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