Monday, February 11, 2013


Oliver has been keeping me up at night.  Since Friday he has been one cranky, clingy, baby.  Miserable comes to mind.  He barely wants to eat, won't try anything new like a sippy cup or chicken noodle soup, and insists on being held.  All. the. time.  He has been a fighting champ when I give him his meds to bring his fever down that at one point I began to think that perhaps he had aspirated.  Gagging, spitting, moving his head, screaming, crying-- you name it-- I didn't know he had it in him to be so feisty.  At night is the worst.  I listen to his every breath... every sputter... every move... and probably get up with him at least a dozen times.  John was on a business trip last night and Oliver was so bad that I actually held him while I tried to go to the bathroom because he kept crying.  Sickness has been running through our home and I have seen kids get better just as new ones are getting sick, but something seemed different with Oliver. 

I called the doctor today and begged for an appointment and they got us in.  If not, I would have taken him to urgent care.  Honestly, something had to give as I don't think I could do a 4th night of no sleep.  Neither could he, bless his little heart.  To my surprise Oliver has an ear infection.  With no ear pulling I had just assumed that he had what the other kids had.  Poor baby, and yet I am so thankful that his lungs sound great and it isn't something more serious.  They swabbed him for the flu and I got another surprise-- he doesn't have the flu meaning that probably none of the kids at home have it either.

The doctor put my mind at ease. 

Since Oliver will not take any meds by mouth the doctor gave him an antibiotic shot and prescribed Tylenol suppositories.  Fast forward five hours and he is finally sleeping.... soundly.

I would blog more, but I am going to take advantage of this time and catch up on some much needed sleep.

This whole experience is a gentle reminder that even after 18 years of being a Mom, I still have so much to learn. 


  1. Hi!I am glad things worked out for your little man.I have taken my child to the doctor not knowing what is really a matter with them only to find out that my child had an ear infection and my child did not even pull on their ears.Good luck,Pat

  2. Going to the bathroom with a babe in arms: Been There Done That. :)

    I have been a parent for 28+ years, and I too am still learning.

    Praying for you all . . .

    "Please Lord, help this Mama to rest peacefully tonight (and little Oliver, too). Bless their rest and bring healing to their household."

    Love & Hugs!


  3. What a relief for you! I got fooled by one of my kids the same way - in agony but none of the usual "ear infection" signs.....

    Here it was me up all night with the worst sinus headache I can remember having in years. Praying, PRAYING it will go away!

  4. Hope he's well soon and you get some much needed sleep.

  5. My 3yo daughter does the same thing when she has an ear infection: she stops eating and drinking almost completely. She does not want to swallow as I think it hurts. But she shows no other symptoms, no ear pulling or slowed activity, just a slightly crabbier mood. It took two ear infections for me to figure out her pattern. Like you said, always learning.

  6. Oh Christine! I hope you slept well last night! He is such a sweet boy. I'm glad you were able to get a shot for him instead of struggling with medicine. take care!

  7. Aw, poor kiddo! Isn't it crazy how every kid is different? They all have their quirks. I'm glad you listened to your mama instinct and hope everyone feels better soon.

    We're all sick at my house, too. Vomit central. Yay. :P

  8. Two of my boys never showed any signs of a ear infection they usually just stopped eating and there has been a nasty stomack bug going around lately that looks very similar to the flu but they say nothing can be don't except Tylenol and fluids, hope everyone is well soon.

  9. Poor little man. I am glad you figured out the cause. It is funny how each kid will present differently. Hope you both catch up on some rest.

  10. Poor Oliver... hope he is feeling better!!

  11. Poor Oliver!! I'm glad he's able to sleep now. Kids with DS tend to get more ear infections because their eustation (I couldn't spell it right if you paid me! haha) tubes tend to be more narrow than other babies/kids. Also, many older kids with DS have some level of hearing loss due to scar tissue from frequent ear infections as youngsters. I am surprised he did not tug at his ear though. Poor baby!! Hope no one else comes down with the nasty stomach virus that I swear is sweeping the nation from here in Maine all the way to you in California! We have had so many kids on the absent list at school it is unbelievable!!

  12. Oh my Gosh Christine......sleep deprivation is the ONE thing that I dealt with so poorly as a I completely understand how miserable you feel ...but so glad they found out what Oliver had.... Ear infections often effect sleep BIG time cuz when they lay down , it hurts even more..porr guy..I do hope he sleep better now and you too....It must be suc a relief to find out what it was and treat it...

    Awesome btw about Adam´s scholarship and all the other great news in the other posts....

    Hope everyone stays will really need that retreat huh???


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