Monday, February 4, 2013

Julia the 15 year old!

This weekend Julia turned 15.  We had a pretty low key weekend, but still, it was nice.  On Friday night Taylar came over and the kids stayed up and watched the first Star Wars.  They also made crunchy peanut butter cups courtesy of Taylar.  They took two Ritz crackers and sandwiched peanut butter between them.  Then they dipped the cracker snadwich in chocolate.  So yummy!

With the left over chocolate they dipped marshmallows too.
Then on Saturday morning all the kids that are in baseball and softball went to a pancake breakfast.
Saturday afternoon, Grandma and Granpa took Julia shopping for her birthday.
Sunday we went to church and then had friends over for her birthday and Superbowl.
She requested nachos.
Oliver tried fresh strawberries for the second time.  Still, they didn't go over well.
He was eyeing the cupcakes!

Happy birthday Julia.  You are becoming quite the young lady.  You shine very bright everyday and it blesses us so.  We love you!

Nolan now loves ice-cream.  He pretty much loves all things sweet.  I think eating all that sweet stuff is what makes him so sweet!
Our friends Amanda and Robert got Julia these Star Wars pajamas.  She of course was very happy to get them.
John and I sat down with our beautiful daughter to share how special she is.  We gave her a purity ring and asked her if she would wait for the young man God has planned for her.   
I can't believe how fast our daughter is growing up.  We lover her so much!


  1. What a beautiful young woman you are, Julia, inside and out! Happy 15th!


  2. Happy Birthday, Julia!

    So fun to see pics of your house, now that I've been there and can envision it (and all of you) better.

    :) :) :)

  3. Julia seems to be an amazing young woman and some guy will be lucky to have her --years and years and years down the road :)

  4. She will be happy to hear that in the last picture she looks just like Princess Leia!

  5. 15!!! Wow.....
    She is just precious! I think about how many children she has welcomed into her home along with you, and it blesses my heart. :) What a full and RICH live you have provided for her. And the life lessons are invaluable!

    Every time I see little Nolan, he is just so precious. I LOVE his smile!

  6. Hi!I have watched how Julia has grown from a liittle girl into a beautiful Christian woman.She is such a wonderful role model for other young Christian young girls.Pat

  7. Happy birthday to Julia! She is such a beautiful and talented young lady!

    Love Rachel's fingernails, LOL! ;-)

  8. Happy Bday Julia, looks like fun fun...

  9. Beautiful girl. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Julia!

    Cheryl in ID

  10. I am curious. Are you preparing her for the fact that God may not have a man for her? I am 43 and have waited and no man has come along. Please prepare her for such so in case she finds herself waiting and God does not have that planned for her.


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