Saturday, February 23, 2013

Getting Better

Oliver's breathing sounds a little more rested this evening.  Once again, I had to give his health back to the Lord because I can't heal him on my own.  Oliver has been working so hard these past few days for each breath, the little guy has hardly been able to keep his eyelids open.  Watching his labored breathing made me exhausted, so I can imagine how he must be feeling.  But like I said, his breathing is slower and deeper and stronger as I listen to him sleep now, that I feel a little more at peace.

William is on a slow road to recovery.  Thank you to all who asked about him.  He cultures tested positive for Strep but had been started on amoxicillin for a sinus infection before the Strep test came back.  I am so glad that he got this head start.  His throat doesn't hurt anymore and his fever is long gone, but like me, he has this lingering cough.  We are told it could it could last for a few weeks.

Caleb is doing great!  His double ear infection feels like it's gone even though he still has a few days of antibiotics left.

With Oliver being down with sickness, it has forced me to slow down too.  I actually sat down and watched a movie with the kids-- something I haven't done in a while.

Tonight Oliver laid his head down on Nolan's chest while Nolan was laying down on the floor watching the movie.  Rather than push him off, Nolan actually cradled Oliver's head and rubbed it sweetly.  It melted my heart how tender Nolan was with his baby brother.

Last night Rachel's oldest biological brother and his girlfriend came for a visit.  This is a huge answer to prayer-- and the visit went wonderfully.  I'll post pictures when I get the chance.


  1. I am so glad to hear those good news ! And I'm happy that Rachel has been able to see her bio-brother and his girlfriends !

  2. So happy for Rachel I know it had to make her evening with him coming and visiting. And glad everyone is getting better.

  3. Hi! I am glad everyone is getting better at your house.My heart breaks when I see my children sick and only God can heal them.Blessings,Pat

  4. So glad everyone is doing better, and so sweet with Nolan and Oliver!! And I know Rachel enjoyed seeing her bio brother; looking forward to pictures.

  5. ((Hugs)) Illness in our children can be really really hard. I struggle with trying to carry it on my shoulders instead of letting the Lord carry that for me as well.

    As a mom of a child with severe asthma, Oliver's fatigue concerns me. If he is struggling to breathe so much that he is becoming exhausted by it, it might be a good idea to get the doctor to check him again. In particular, if he is working so hard during the day, he may not be able to keep his O2 levels up high enough when he is sleeping. Sometimes an overnight admit is a good idea so that you can get an idea of how hard he is working to breathe and if he is able to maintain his O2 levels.

    Sorry for the medical advice...just was worried for him. :) Please feel free to disregard if I am overstepping! :)


  6. I am so glad Rachel's visit happened and was a good thing for her. Praise God!


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