Friday, February 8, 2013

Boom-- Out of Nowhere!

Boom-- out of nowhere we have been hit with the sickies.   The girls went to softball practice last night feeling fine and came home sick.  It was very cold outside and soon Julia and Galina were running fevers.   Rachel isn't feeling so hot either.  And Annalyn's cough just reminded me of her cold.  As for the boys-- first it was Dennis when the school called for me to come get him and now it's Oliver.  On top of Dennis running a fever he also has a big shiner on his left eye from when he ran into a girl at school yesterday.
Here is Oliver asleep in my arms.  When he is sick all he wants to do is cuddle.
Today it snowed!  It was so pretty!  The kids had a lot of fun playing in it.  Sveta was so excited.  So was William.  He gathered all the snow off the trampoline in the wheelbarrow to make a snowman.  All was well until we came home from the store.  As the kids were unloading the car I found out that William threw a snowball over the neighbor's car as they pulled into the cul-de-sac.  Though he did not hit the car nor did he intend to, the neighbors were not pleased with the freak out.  Neither was I.  He had to write a one page apology letter before he could eat dinner.  Jonny, his accomplice had to write a letter too.
This picture is probably not what you think.  It was taken right after Oliver threw up all over my shoulder and hair.  He was resting now that he felt better.  Immediately I thought our family had the stomach flu but then I realized that his stomach was unsettled from taking Advil and then immediately eating afterward.   After he threw up he felt much better and hasn't thrown up since.
On the way to the store as it was pouring down rain, Rachel asked me where I thought the homeless people went in weather like this.   Then we got off the freeway and saw a man holding a sign.
This weekend is Andrew's birthday and up till dinner I had no idea what we were going to do.  Just like in true husband hero fashion, John not only came home yesterday and took the boys to their open house at school, but he also asked to take Andrew and the other kids to see Wreck It Ralph.  They are all excited! 
Tomorrow night is the Winter Formal.  Caleb is taking Taylar to her dance since they went to his last year.
Adam received news yesterday that he won a $2500 a year scholarship to a local UC that he was accepted into.
Praying this is the first of many.
Not this weekend, but next is the women's retreat.  It is right on the beach near Santa Barbara.  I am so excited!  It is not to late to find out more info.  Just leave a comment and I'll email you.


  1. Hope that everybody feels better soon! Congrats Adam!! <3 to you all!

  2. I'm sorry the kids are sick. There's a fever going around up here, too. Cassie's got it. Hopefully no one else will get it. We're on day 3 of this now.

  3. Sorry kids are sick. Hope things are perky soon!

    I've been meaning to ask you if the dr's ever suggest Dennis wear safety glasses, to protect hhis one sighted eye? My friend's did that for their eldest, who only has one eye with vision.

    Congrats to Adam!


  4. Praying the sickies pass quickly. We are on week 3 around here with the flu bug in varying degrees. :(
    So wish I was close enough to go to the women's retreat....a weekend away sounds GLORIOUS! LOL!

  5. Hope the kids feel better soon :( My kids are jealous of your snow though, lol. Yay Adam! Congratulations!


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