Sunday, February 10, 2013

Being 11 Isn't That Different From Being 10

Happy Birthday to our amazing son Andrew!  I can't believe he is already eleven years old.
So inquisitive, so tenderhearted, so amazingly smart-- we are blessed to have him as our son.
Unfortunately his birthday fell on a weekend where many of his siblings are very sick with the flu.  It is hard to plan any sort of birthday bash but we made the best of the situation and he was very happy and thankful.
On Saturday afternoon John took Andrew and the boys to see Wreck It Ralph.  While they were gone us girls made homemade chocolate cookies dipped in chocolate that taste just like thin mints minus the mint.  It was what he requested.  He also asked for Jack in the Box tacos.  John called ahead and placed an order for 70 tacos and by the time he got there they were ready. 

John taught Andrew how to light a match and how to hold it correctly.  He tried to teach Jonny too, but Jonny didn't understand how to hold the flame above your fingers and he burned himself on one of them.  To top it off, Jonny was embarrassed so he downplayed his burn which delayed us getting ice on it by about 5 minutes.  Thankfully he's okay.

Andrew got a new jacket.  When I bought it I had no idea it had this see thru mask.  He loves it!
Andrew really wanted Heelys for his birthday.

I am so proud of this boy.  He makes me smile with all the questions he constantly asks.  I think that's why he is smart.  He is definitely one of a kind!
Happy Birthday!
P.S.  This morning Andrew told that yesterday he was ten and today he is eleven and he doesn't even feel any different.  :)


  1. My youngest, Elijah, just turned 11 two weeks ago. He, too, went to Wreck it Ralph. And, he would have loved that cool jacket. :)

    The cookies look yummy!

    Happy Birthday, Andrew!


  2. Hi!I took my children to see the movie, Wreck IT Ralph.I thought that movie was very good.We went during the week when the show was not very full.Pat

  3. Happy birthday Andrew. 11 is fun. But my 11-yr-old is about to turn 12.

    I watched the end of Wreck it Ralph waiting for Jessica to get off work at the theater last night.

  4. Happy Birthday, Andrew! My 7 year old was very disappointed that he didn't grow overnight when he went from 5-6.

  5. Happy birthday Andrew!!! Looks like he enjoyed.


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