Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Under the Weather

Kids are sick.  John is sick.  Fevers around 102.  I have a cough. 

I think it is the flu.  John with his asthma was sounding really sick, so I got him to go to Urgent Care.  He is on antibiotics for bronchitis. 

Not fun. 

Dennis has been home all week.  The school called for me to pick up Alex yesterday.  I took him to the doctor today because I thought he had another UTI on top of everything else-- thankfully he does not.  For whatever reason I taught Alex to catheterize himself today.  I think it was about time.  It takes him 10 minutes instead of the 2 that it takes me, but I am hopeful that he will only get faster with practice.  Now if I can only get him to remember to wash his hands before and after and find a watch that goes off every 3 hours-- he could do this all by himself.  I'm hoping to achieve this by his 8th birthday.

As I type this I can hear the wind blowing.  It's the kind of wind that feels like the house is going to blow over.  At least is not a bone chilling wind like it was the other day.  Still, this is definitely soup weather.

Or in William's case-- tri tip weather cooked under the broiler.

Whatever.  It was nice though to have him compliment my cooking.

We also made vereniki again.  Yum.

Oliver was evaluated by his teacher to see how much progress he has made in the past few months.  He is now at the 9-11 month range.  He used to be in the 6-8 month range with even some 4 month stuff.  Though I was excited to hear of his progress, I personally feel like the numbers don't do him justice.  Oliver has learned so many new things these past few months.  He imitates, tries to use sign language, pulls up, stands, crawls, climbs stairs, walks along furniture, plays peek-a-boo,  holds a bottle, hand feeds himself, and much more.  I am so excited to see what he will learn next!

Adam and Caleb took finals before Christmas and just got their report cards-- straight A's.  Rachel, Annalyn, and Julia took their finals last week and just got their grades.  Lots of A's for them too!  We are very proud of them.

Tomorrow Nolan and Oliver were supposed to have tubes put in their ears.   Since they are both running fevers and have been exposed to whatever is going around our family, I have decided to cancel the procedure.  Hopefully we can reschedule as soon as they are better.

And now to figure out what to do for Annalyn's birthday.  She is turning 15 this weekend.


  1. Boohoo, you live in California and think its cold?

  2. For your boys who need tubes in their ears, have you ever considered that they might have an allergy or sensitivity to cow's milk. Here is an article about it. There are many more on the internet if you research it. I know kids who ended up not needing surgery because they eliminated dairy products. It's worth a try to avoid surgery.

  3. Is there a special place she'd like to go for her bd? Adam invited 8 friends to Genghis Grill for his bd. They got to load up their bowls with whatever they wanted and watch it cook. Being 18, they weren't all overly excited, but it was nice and beat just having pizza somewhere.

  4. Definitely sounds like the flu we had here. Takes a while to totally clear up. Hope you are all feeling better soon.

  5. Yikes - I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon. This has been a bad season.

    As for a watch - we tried a Wobl watch with Daniel. It has 8 alarms you can set at intervals that work for you. It vibrates or makes sound. We did the vibrating. Daniel liked it, but it finally fell apart. I would recommend super gluing the pins in if Alex is super active. I think I got mine from the but I know you can find them on amazon and ebay. I think they run around 40-50 dollars.

  6. We definitely have a bone chilling wind here today. We could be singing that Muppet Christmas Carol song, the one that says, "When a cold wind blows it chills you, Chills you to the bone..."

    I hope it warms up again for you and everyone is feeling better soon!

  7. Hope everyone feels better. That is no fun.

  8. And it makes me laugh that you are just now figuring out what to do for Annalyn's bday---my kids start planning their next birthday about a year in advance. ;) They are younger too though.

  9. Feel better son! We had the flu in November. 12 out of the 15 of us had it. Praying it is short lived for you all!

  10. Concerning the weather, it all depends on what you are acclimated too and for us that live in California the temperatures have been unseasonably cold lots of frost.
    Hope the kids are feeling better, and Annalynn has a wonderful birthday!

  11. I wast thinking the same thing for weather. :) This time of year where Inlive its usually -30 degrees celcius nearly everyday. If I was to take a trip to California right now is be the weirdo walking around in tshirt, shorts and flip flops. LoL. Hopefully everyone is feeling better very soon!


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